Run links

On this page I give links to kill 'em all speed runs of my own, then runs by other folk, then runs which fall outside my rules but which still revolve around speedy killing and which I'm happy to recommend (they'll probably need to at least avoid routinely using weapon glitches). I'm happy to include Halo Anniversary runs too, as we've still got the same gameplay underneath. All runs will need to be on at least Normal to be worth featuring here, and I'd strongly encourage the use of Heroic or Legendary, where combat has more bite.

Video advice

If you want to show a run, obviously the thing to do is show uncut footage covering the whole thing. For the sake of making nice viewing, I suggest including at least part of the opening and closing cutscenes, such as I've been doing in my own videos. But it's your actual gameplay people want to see, and they've doubtless seen the cutscenes many times; so if either of those is long, I suggest only including a bit of it. That's up to you though. I don't think there's any point in showing yourself selecting the difficulty level. The difficulty level will be apparent from the gameplay itself.

Runs of my own

  • BCM22 - Level 1 on Legendary with plasma weapons, in 8:29
  • KSR1 - Level 5 on Legendary with no vehicles or sniper rifle, in 47:50
  • KSR2 - Level 4 on Legendary with no vehicles, in 22:14
  • KSR3 - Level 1 on Legendary with pistol & AR, in 8:46
  • KSR4 - Level 1 on Legendary with plasma weapons, in 8:14

Runs by other folk

Bah! Nobody ever joined in. Too late now folks. Mission abandoned!

Related runs outside my rules

Alas, no takers here either. Complete washout!