Prolonged grunty panic near the start

Posted April 5th 2019

Associated movies

  • BCM344 - Normal; Prolonged grunty panic near the start (5:54)
Hey, what's all the fuss?

There are places in the game where you can get a Grunt panicking for ages. Five minutes, twenty minutes… there may be no limit in fact. At the time of writing, I'm not sure how common this is, but one place you can easily get prolonged grunty panic is just across the bridge at the start of this level. My movie BCM344 shows examples of initiating panic, but it's not as if you have to follow a specific recipe. Just get a lone Grunt panicking there and he's liable to continue for quite some while. It works on any difficulty level (I'm not sure if there are any differences).

There are two small areas they do most of their panicking in, but sometimes they run from one area to the other. You can have fun crowding your Grunt if you like, interfering with his course. That can sometimes cause him to break out of his little area. If he heads up to the end of the cliff nearby, you can expect him to recover (you might be able to block him from reaching it, but it's not easy). One other thing I've noticed is that a grenade throw can cause recovery. It's fickle though. Sometimes I've seen a panicking Grunt dive but then resume panicking.

Somebody spot a cyborg?

You can try to get a prolonged panic from multiple Grunts, but based on my experience so far, I suspect it'll be quite limited. Company helps a Grunt recover his courage I think (that's always been my impression in normal play).

Next covie area too

Prolonged grunty panic can also be obtained with the next batch of covies; the ones waiting in your path. I'm not sure whether you can get it so easily, but there's an example in the aforementioned movie.

Investigation needed

Normally when I post stuff, I've done quite a bit of investigating and have a decent understanding of the general situation. That's not the case here though. There are lots of questions I don't have the answers to. In particular though, is the potential for prolonged grunty panic quite common, or is it limited to relatively few places? Back when I posted my old article concerning a place in AOTCR where you can get it, I thought it was something special, but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps I'll investigate later to get a better picture.