Vanishing hillside covies

Posted July 9th 2006

This is really just a glitch rather than proper fun, but I'll mention it anyway. In the hillside survivor area, it seems that if you're near the tunnel entrance when the covie dropship is triggered, the current enemies vanish, even if they're right in front of you!

Here's a quick plan for seeing it (use Easy for the least hassle). Drive alone to the hillside survivors and kill them, then drive past the nose of the lifeboat to be sufficiently near the tunnel. Start killing the enemies that are closing in from all over. When the count falls below 7, the dropship is triggered and the remaining enemies vanish.

Incidentally, when you get this glitch, the mix of reinforcements seems to differ from what you'd usually get. For a given difficulty level, you'd normally get Elites and Grunts and you'd know exactly how many of each. For example, 2 Elites and 4 Grunts on Heroic. This time however, the mix seems to vary and may include Jackals. For example, on Heroic I once got 2 Elites, 3 Jackals and 3 Grunts, but another time I got 4 Elites, 3 Jackals and 1 Grunt.