Enemies killed by the game

Posted March 19th 2007

There are a few situations in the game where enemies that you've simply bypassed are later killed by the game; struck down by Bungie's godly hand, as it were. For example, if you bypass the enemies near the entrance to the security substation, you'll probably hear their death cries as you head back out towards them, and you'll see their bodies lying around. Here are a couple of ways of actually seeing an enemy get killed by the game.

After using the security substation

On the way to the substation, you meet a pair of Hunters outdoors. After clearing the way ahead (including the Hunters in the substation), come back and lead one of the Hunters down into the substation (or both, if you're feeling ambitious). Take him part way down down down the passage that leads to the actual control panel (e.g. about two thirds of the way along should do nicely). Leave him there by dodging a swipe and running off quick. Use the control panel, wait for the cutscene to end, and start heading up the passage. Just as "Activate the map room" appears on the screen, the Hunter is struck down dead before your very eyes. Possibly even in mid swipe as you approach!

Nearing the surface at the main facility

At the main facility, bypass the Elites just inside the top floor. Even on Heroic you should be able to run past them ok if you've got an overshield. Go down the first section of ramp and fire a few wild shots just to try to tempt a few to the top of the ramp. Now descend and activate the map room. When you return to the ramp, those Elites will probably still be there; maybe fire a few shots to get their attention or make them move closer so you can see as much of them as possible. As you move up the ramp, you'll see them get struck down. They don't simply fall down dead either; they act like they've taken a hefty whack to the noggin from that invisible Bungie hand. I've seen them get smacked halfway down that ramp. Hee hee!