Massed enemy fun

Posted September 20th 2004

The basic idea

The spiral path megabattle is based on getting a lot of enemies chasing after you into the spiral path area. This page gives some plans for other fun you can have with a chasing mass you've collected in the tower area (other than the obvious idea of just swooping around blasting everything in sight). You can doubtless think of variations.


Do the collecting as described in the spiral path megabattle section, except that for some of the plans you may like to allow piloted Ghosts or an unharmed Wraith. Normally you probably wouldn't want them around though; the Wraith tends to wipe out other Covenant with its indiscriminate fire, and the Ghosts tend to run over fellow scum. All very amusing, but it means less killing for you.

Convenient save checkpoint

Once you've got everyone chasing after you, you can usually get a checkpoint by flying up high and waiting a few moments. This will be convenient for saving and reverting to, so you can repeat the fun at will. I believe this checkpoint will namely be a delayed 'pass checkpoint' triggered when passing the pass entrance low down (and delayed while the game considers you under threat).

Death from above

Attract everyone over to the Wraith area then drop yourself off on a high ledge above. Down below, there will typically be a mass of enemies milling around in a relatively compact group, making a spectacular target for a rocket launcher or grenades. Actually, before you send a rocket in you may like to snipe some Grunts and Elites first, to get the ground nicely littered with plasma grenades. When you send that first rocket in, you should be nicely set up for a massive chain reaction.

Banshee pilot

Over on the tower, there may be an Elite hanging around with his Banshee. He may not be bothering you, but there's nothing to stop you bothering him a little! Send a rocket over, just to let him know you care.

Surviving a big fall

If your Banshee slipped off the ledge, which does tend to be rather narrow and sloping, you might still be able to survive the enormous fall to the ground later if you take care to break your fall by dropping onto a sloping surface.

Other areas

For a variation, land yourself on a ledge in some other area. You can do this pretty much anywhere and still get a large group of enemy below. Of course, there are also some artificial structures you could land on.

Plateau landing

Over near the tower balcony, attract everyone to the small plateau with the Shade on top (which you eliminate along with its grunty occupant), or to the next little plateau just beyond. Drop yourself off there. When everyone gets over to the area, it's an incredible bustle of activity down below, and on Legendary you can barely pop your head over the edge for longer than a second. When you do, reams of Jackals send in shots and the air is filled with plasma. But just think of the fun you're going to have with that rocket launcher or grenades! And this time you can see the carnage close up, if you can manage to stick your head over long enough.

Covenant self-destruction

Another amusing thing is to hear or see enemies having to dive out of the way of any Ghosts hovering around. Quite often they flatten someone. Further Covenant self-destruction may come in the shape of poorly aimed Wraith shots heading over your way.

Dead before you hit the ground

On Legendary the concentration of enemy is so high that if you jump off, you'll probably be dead before you hit the ground. I tried it; and sure enough, my tin plating was smoking nicely by the time I came down.

Ground defence

Attract everyone into a big group, then land on the ground a good distance away and try to hold off the approaching mass. The sniper rifle and pistol make the ideal combination against the foot soldiers, but you may want a rocket launcher if you've left any Ghosts to contend with. For this plan it's probably best to've eliminated the Wraith.

Tunnel defence

Attract everyone towards the entrance of the tunnel, then whoosh down into it and land somewhere; maybe part way down, or maybe right at the bottom. There are some very large rocks part way down that you can drop down onto for a novel platform, if you don't mind having no cover. The idea now is to wipe out the enemy as they come down after you.


If you've left any Ghosts to contend with, you'll probably want a rocket launcher. Other than that, the sniper rifle and pistol are the stand-out choices. With the sniper rifle, it's actually a lot of fun just to watch the enemy coming down, and particularly to see their initial silhouettes as they come over the top. It can be quite a spectacular sight, given the numbers involved.

Backwards enemies

Quite often, enemies come down backwards. Could this be a cunning plan designed to lull you into thinking that they're actually going the other way and you've nothing to worry about? Well I'm not falling for it Mr Covenant Scum, and here's a sniper round to prove it!

Long-range rocketing

One bit of fun you can have with the rocket launcher is to try and time it so you take out a distant group of enemies as they come down. When you're miles away it's relatively hard to judge the timing of course, which is part of the challenge.

Over the ridge at the bottom

For a variation, land right at the bottom and wait just over the ridge around the corner. You should end up with loads of enemies in that bottom area where you initially bypassed some Elites and Grunts. You can deal with them at your leisure. The ridge gives you some cover, though you'll still have to watch out for the many plasma balls flying your way from Jackals. In addition, streams of needles tend to bounce over to get you. Ouch! That stings!

Crowded room

Attract everyone away from one of the entrances to the tower, then make a dash for that deserted entrance and nip inside. Quickly take out any cloaked Elites and apply the active camouflage. Within moments enemies start crowding in, and you soon find yourself stuck in a small room with bloodthirsty Covenant all around you. A pretty novel experience, and just a bit scary.

Cyborg mischief

I'd suggest that now is the time to start being constructively careless with your stock of grenades. Oops! Sorry Mr Elite, that one just slipped out. Oh darn it, and there goes another, right into that pack of Jackals. Dear me. When the invisibility wears off, prepare to fight for dear life if the place is still swarming with nasties.

Just wait

Alternatively you can leave the enemy untouched and just wait there until the invisibility wears off. On Legendary you'll probably be dead even before Mr Jackal has finished his pointing business. You might just have enough time to squeeze the trigger on your rocket launcher to give him something to think about (briefly).


Finally, there's a variation on this 'crowded room' idea noted in Fun with a stolen Banshee; see the 'Massed enemy mayhem' part of Banshee in the central tower.