Hillside joyride

Posted November 6th 2005

In the hillside area where a group of survivors is located at the top of a hill, you can have fun circuiting the huge structure in a Warthog at high speed, letting your passengers whittle down the enemy. I prefer going anticlockwise, but you can go either way. The wide hillside serves as a banked surface for the top of your circuit. You climb up, take the banking, then arc down.

Lower down there are many trees and rocks to weave through, and you can vary your route as desired. The obstacles get quite dense over towards the higher of the two entrances to the area, but with good driving you should still be able to weave your way through fairly smoothly at a good speed. Getting the weaving just right is part of what makes the circuit so engaging. If you like rally games you should be right at home here. As for the gunner, wellhe's probably having a pretty good time too. Getting a bit dizzy maybe, but having a good time.