Rockslide joyride

Posted November 6th 2005

In the rockslide area that shelters a group of survivors, there's a fine anticlockwise circuit you can drive in the Warthog whilst your passengers whittle down the enemy, of which there can be a great number if you're doing this in a rockslide megabattle. It includes a huge jump off the 'island plateau' adjacent to the Marine plateau. You can also have fun racing against a friend or the clock.

Here's the circuit detail. Drive around the rockslide perimeter (rocks on your left, grassy expanse on your right), and head through the narrow gap to a cliffside pass that leads up to the Marine plateau (the plateau to which the Marines retreat). Arc left around the plateau's big central rock and jump off onto the adjacent island plateau, then make a huge jump off the latter. There are a few directions you can fly off and still land ok, but the one I'm mainly thinking of involves turning right a bit to line yourself up in the direction of a tree towards the top of the hill. Landing on rising ground, you can then whizz past the right of the tree, or squeeze through the narrow gap on its left if you want to be tricky. Arc left and you're on your next circuit.