Ghostly bats

Posted March 19th 2007

Wade out to sea; probably anywhere around the island will do. When your head is just under the surface, you can see what looks like bats flying around, their images distorted by the rippling water. But they're not there of course. Maybe it's actually meant to be part of the ripple effect, or maybe it's meant to be bits of seaweed floating around or something. But it still looks more like ghostly bats to me! Go have a look. I originally mentioned this in an HBO forum post and a few people gave their opinions.

Stop press: much later (March 2010), I've come across an illustrated piece about this phenomenon from Frogblast in 2002, called Sea Life on Silent Cartographer. He uses the phrase "worm-like creatures" to describe things. Hmmm… I still say bats!