Warthog mishap

Posted April 2nd 2006

Take a manned Warthog onto the 'cutscene platform' in the main facility, getting it through the unlocked door as described in for the descent into the main shaft. Blast it off and watch as it sails into the shaft along with the scattered occupants, who are probably starting to wish they hadn't been quite so keen to clamber aboard. For the most spectacular effect, use the three-blast technique that gets a hog up on top of the island; send a plasma grenade under it, then a frag grenade, then a rocket, all in quick succession so they go off together.

If you've got a second manned hog in the small chamber back on the other side of the door, you'll get some amusing verbal flak after these little mishaps. "Are you nuts?". Heh, those guys better watch what they say, or they'll be next. Actually, there's nothing to stop you bringing two manned hogs through and blasting them both off at once. You could have a third manned hog back in that chamber.