Second plateau base method

Associated movies

  • BCM172 - Heroic; Two more methods using the plateau base (6:04)

In this method you bounce off the near left ledge from part way up the V, then get cushioned by a sloping part of the Shade plateau base near a bush. It's like the earlier plateau base method but with a lower run-off point - and may be harder. Suitable only for PAL, I think.

Approximate ledge bounce spot

Full description

This method starts off the same as for the second plateau base rock method, involving a run-off point on the slope of the V, and I won't bother repeating those details here.

The difference only starts once you're heading for the ledge to bounce off. Instead of hitting in the dark patch, hit just to the right of it, so that you take no damage (don't be too far right or you'll die). Then try to drift onto the friendly bit of slope which forms the landing spot for the earlier plateau base method.

Friendly slope coming up

Do a crouch as you hit the slope, to soften the landing. If you survive, you'll most likely have only one health bar left. Survival is also possible without a crouch, but would be far less likely.

Note: It's actually also possible to do a similar ledge bounce and plateau base landing after running off the bridge's lower deck. But it's rediculously hard and I only ever managed it once. I just mention it for completeness; it could be considered a variation of the method, albeit a fairly pointless one.

Checkpoint advice

To make things as easy as possible for repeat attempts, get a delayed checkpoint when ready to fall from the V. The considerations for this are the same as for the second plateau base rock method.

Difficulty and system differences

I haven't tested this method very deeply for difficulty, because I soon decided that it's harder than the second plateau base rock method (which starts off with the same run-off), partly because it's hard to reach the friendly bit of slope, and partly because it hard to then survive the hit. Also I think it's harder than the earlier plateau base method, despite that method's higher run-off point. In the process of trying to refine my technique - but not really finding any good groove to get into - I got 10 successes in about 80 tries, so I can say for sure that you can get a success rate upwards of 12%. But I wouldn't be confident of getting much higher.

I suspect the method is unsuitable for NTSC and PC. I haven't had confirmation yet, but I suspect that either you can't survive the ledge bounce, or can't then survive the remaining fall.

History and links

I realized the possibility of this method while belatedly exploring Sligfantry's second plateau base rock method, involving a lower run-off point he'd found. I happened to survive after falling short of the rock and being cushioned by the plateau base only. The method was demonstrated in BCM172 (in conjunction with Sligfantry's rock method), released on March 9th 2016.