BCM100 - Trapped dropship

(7:56) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. While working on getting a detached dropship turret as seen in BCM99, I realized that if you flip the dropship early enough, you can instead get the ship trapped by the bridge, making quite a spectacular sight. This movie shows lots of examples obtained in various ways - including via mid-air Banshee reboarding! See also my article Trapped dropship.

Released April 9th 2014, gameplay recorded December 20th 2013 and March 27th - April 7th 2014.


00:02 (Normal dropship path) By way of introduction, this opening clip shows the normal departure path of the spiral path dropship. The key aspects being that it passes well to the right of the first bridge and blinks out of existence when up in the mist. For entertainment value I use it for target practice along the way, heh heh. Pity it doesn't smoke up, but never mind - it still feels good to do.

00:30 (Falling to my death - 3 clips) My early experiences involved catching a view of the impeded ship while regretfully falling to my death. These three clips represent the sort of thing I was doing, except that here I'm flipping the ship a bit later than I originally was, so I can give you a closer and better view.

01:20 (Low views - 4 clips) Originally, I wasn't living long enough to see whether the ship was still vanishing. So I started attempting low bounces to end up alive on the ground or low ledge, so I could see. I think the first of these clips was my first such view (it's from December 20th 2013), and I saw that the ship still vanishes. I show some other low views too, partly for the entertainment value of my trajectories. Landing on the far ledge isn't all that freaky; I've done that quite a few times, just like with a far ground landing. The other two landings are more freaky, especially the one where I get bounced sideways to a big rock.

02:34 (Landing on the bridge supports - 2 clips) You can get bounced to the bridge supports too, and here are two nice examples. You might think ending up on a bridge support is fairly freaky, but actually it happened to me quite a bit.

03:07 (Landing on the bridges - 10 clips) Originally, I hadn't realized you could leave the flip late enough to get bounced onto the bridges. But when working on BCM99 I realized you can, giving some great close-up views. I've put a varied selection together here, and in one of the clips I get swept along by the ship and almost pushed off the bridge! In another clip I see an opportunity for running up a prong to try and hop over to the far bridge, but I don't quite make it; the ship isn't there for long. A further clip shows my second attempt, when the ship was in a similar position. Failed again!

05:53 (Freaky bounce) There was a bounce quite like this in BCM88 (clip starting around 2:26). The Banshee goes into the top edge of the ship and deflects up, shooting me upwards despite my initially being lower than the Banshee. It's an interesting dynamic, which I might try to get more out of sometime.

06:08 (Mid-air reboarding - 5 clips) In the first of these clips, I unintentionally find myself back aboard the Banshee. A nice freaky addition to my movie I thought. That was on April 3rd, but on the 7th I tried some intentional mid-air reboarding, and after a lot of perseverance I got some pleasing results! I've included four, which are in chronological order and which show different styles (see my article for more on this). In the third of my five reboardings, the idea was to briefly touch down on the top of the ship. Looks pretty funny here I think. Sort of cheeky. At the end of the fifth clip I damage the Banshee when blasting the ship too close. Oops!

07:33 (Prong hop success) To finish off, here's my third attempt at a 'prong hop' onto the far bridge; and finally I make it. My jump is just in time before the ship vanishes. Had to really persevere to get a third opportunity, but after failing twice I was determined to nail it, to get that trick into the movie.

Closing remarks With this being the hundredth movie in the series, I thought I'd better try and make it something memorable. You can't complain for lack of spectacle at least. Those covie dropships make a great sight even when they're not stuck in a bridge! I put many hours of gameplay into this movie, making hundreds of flights; and at various times I had the sore fingers and aching eyes to prove it! In putting the clips together, I've tried to fine-tune the transitions so the beat of the music continues reasonably well.

The save I used for BCM99 was also used for most of the clips here; namely for the initial three trapping clips, the second and fourth of the low view clips, the bridge and bridge support clips, and the unintentional reboarding. The other trapping clips used a few other saves produced in a similar way. The first and third low view clips are the only clips from 2013, and used a save in which the Banshee was initially resting with left leg on the lower ledge. In my other saves I had the Banshee up against the bridge support as usual.

In regard to my four intentional reboardings, the first two used a save which, compared to my usual one, gave me an extra second before the ship appeared. For the second two I used a save which gave me three extra seconds, which was desirable for being able to get positioned in time.

My unintentional reboarding wasn't the first time I've reboarded off that dropship. I happened across the phenomenon in December 2013 during my work on getting a detached turret, and made a mental note to explore it later. Expect to see more in future movie footage. In particular it can be used in getting a detached dropship turret, and that's something I plan to cover.