BCM117 - Keyes hangar battle, platform survival x3

(5:57) Level 9 ('Keyes') on Normal. Relating to the Keyes hangar battle in which covies and Flood spawn repeatedly, this shows three plays of the platform survival plan using various weaponry. First I use a shotgun, then it's a needler and AR, and finally a plasma rifle and pistol. Watch out for an amusing little whacking competition in that last play!

Released October 22nd 2014, gameplay recorded October 19th 2014.


00:02 (Play 1 - Shotgun) When I reach the platform I jump across the corner to try and avoid fire from the Elites, and I briefly shelter behind a purple box before stepping out to get blasting. Three blasts take out the standing Elites, then I blast the Shade gunner who's quickly become distracted by the Flood. As I head away there's a blue reinforcement arriving but I see that he's going for the Shade so I leave him and blast another blue instead - and I send the Shade flying with a plasma. Quite a nice start to the proceedings, all in all. The carnage continues thereafter, and it's somewhat chaotic so I won't give a blow-by-blow account, but I'll pick out a few things of note (likewise in the other plays).

00:57 A couple of blue Elites arrive and get caught by a plasma grenade - silly fellows. And a few seconds after that, I blast a descending Flood with the shotty, which is quite satisfying. There's another one a bit later.

01:25 A blue Elite arrives and I eventually try to tag him but it bounces off his weapon. However, it subsequently blasts him into the air and sets off some other grenades on the ground. One of those (the frag) detonates his loose plasma grenade which is up in the air, and that kills a new arriving blue.

01:40 After a brief lull I spot some Flood up high and attempt to tag one as he comes down. I miss, but I tried it some more in later plays, as you'll see.

01:54 (Play 2 - Needler & AR) This needler isn't quite full, which was a slip I made in the set-up work (see BCM118), but I've still got 99 needles for starters, and Elites will provide more during the battle, so it really doesn't matter. As I head around the catwalk I throw a plasma to take out the Shade, and when I arrive I send in a big stream of needles at the guy on the left. That kills both him and his blue buddy, then sets off a plasma grenade which kills the red. Platform clear! Oh, except for the Elite coming up behind me - but he gets the needle treatment too. Then right after that, I go for an ambitious tag on a descending Flood, and it catches him on a foot - yay! Good start.

02:25 An arriving red dives to escape my frag, and he ends up below. I quickly send a stream of needles his way, and I know he's gonna be toast.

02:44 A Grunt lobs a plasma grenade, which causes a spot of bother for a blue Elite. He jumps to get clear of it, and lands on the ground where he quickly fires his needler - at spores under the platform I think. But while he's firing I send out a few needles of my own, heh heh! You can hear the bang and death cry, just as I'm whacking a blue who was backing my way, focused on the Flood.

03:03 After a lull, a Flood comes down and I go for another tag. I'm a lot closer this time but still need to be careful with the timing. Another hit, yay! The blast takes out an arriving red too. Then after needling a blue, I notice some gurgling to my left and peer over the edge to see a shotty Flood there. He came down just after that last guy (you can see it in the footage), but apparently didn't aim himself very well! I needle him, and that's that.

03:18 Nice stream of needles here. I fire at a Flood but some of them also hit an Elite, resulting in two needle bangs and the detonation of a loose grenade - all of which has an agreeable clearing effect. Actually there's also a third needle bang, caused by one of the arriving Elites needling a Flood.

03:44 I miss a tag attempt on a landed Flood, but it lands just behind him and blasts him my way. He's dead but I whack him anyway of course.

03:52 (Play 3 - Plasma rifle & pistol) Ok, this time let's try that nice shiny plasma rifle, and also the pistol. On my catwalk run this time I throw two plasmas. The first causes some Elites to dive clear, and if you look closely you can see one of them heading out of the ship. I've seen a lot of Elites go that way, so it's not a freaky occurrence. The blast subsequently kills another. My second plasma gets the manned Shade, and by then I'm arriving. I zap the remaining Elite then do a tag 'n hop to finish off, making him look a right chump. Another pleasing start.

04:20 Funny bit here. An arriving blue gets attacked by a Flood on one side and a cyborg on the other. He ends up getting killed by a plasma blast in the back I think.

04:44 Off to the left, an arriving Grunt is heard throwing a plasma, and a few seconds later he gets killed by the blast. I suspect it got blocked by the stationary shield.

04:58 After a good clearing bang (my frag sets off a plasma which kills a red), I stun a panicking Grunt with my plasma rifle then tag him. His grunty buddy gets fragged.

05:10 Now there's a comical episode with two blue Elites and a Flood, when we get into a brief whacking competition. Four whacks in all, and the last is from one of the Elites, killing his pal and the Flood. When he backs away I miss three swipes chasing after him, so I throw a plasma instead, and stun him to keep him near the impending blast - which takes care of two new Flood as well.

Closing remarks I really should've featured the Keyes hangar battle in my movie series sooner, it's so much fun. I didn't even have movie space to squeeze in some use of the plasma pistol and sniper rifle - but maybe next time? Also I'm minded to tackle platform survival on Heroic, which will be a whole lot tougher.