BCM128 - Detached dropship turret

(8:15) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Deriving from my attempts at trying to pick up the detached dropship turret, this movie dwells on his impressive and amusing bumping ability, only a little of which I had room to show in BCM127. Almost all the footage was obtained during the making of that movie.

Released February 19th 2015, gameplay recorded February 1st-16th 2015.


00:02 (Introduction) This opening clip is from BCM127 (at about 3:17), and was one of the most amusing bumps I think. It's almost like he was playing with me.

00:14 (Across and back) He bounces over to the other bridge, then when I fly over to crowd him some more, he ends up bumping back. 'Bumpy' seems like an appropriate name for this fellow if you want one. Bumpy the turret.

00:39 (Behind the wall) This time he bumps behind the wall; quite a good distance. Fairly rare.

00:53 (Into the doorway) Nothing spectacular here, but it's nice that you get to see him re-materialize.

00:58 (Behind me) Tricksy fellow bumps behind me and opens fire!

01:09 (Push transfer) With this one, I like how he goes through the two side-panels after my push.

01:19 (Pushed through the left side) After he does a small bump, I get more vigorous and push him though the left side.

01:26 (Onto the bridge support) When he vanishes here, I'm not sure where he's gone, and after a few seconds I swoop down to see if he's ended up on the snow. But then I get fired on and see him on the bridge support. He didn't bump directly there though. What actually happened was, he fell through the deck, then down to the support. You can tell because of the red dot on my tracker, for the time he was falling. I hadn't noticed that, and this was the first time he'd ended up on the support. I try to dismount onto the support to join him, but misjudge it. Whoops!

02:05 (Onto the door frame) After momentarily being on the Banshee's roof, he bounces up onto the door frame. He does quite a lot of that sort of 'jumping' off the top of the Banshee.

02:15 (Short transfer) When I go for him a second time, he bumps orthogonally right, to the other bridge. Quite an amusing bump I think.

02:25 (Onto the Banshee then across) He ends up on the Banshee and I angle up to see if I can raise him up the wall. I don't get far though. He skips across to the first bridge, and I almost blow the Banshee up by clumsily hitting the side-panel with my blast.

02:46 (Long bump to the other bridge) This is quite a freaky bump, for distance. I think this was the only time he bumped to that area. I also had a clip where he bumped to a similarly distant location on the current bridge, but he only did it once. I didn't include that clip in the movie, because when I subsequently tried to move his way, I got the Banshee caught up and it looked so clumsy.

02:53 (Below glass in the passage) When I push him into the passage, he goes below the floor glass (or whatever it is). Actually, he doesn't always do that; sometimes he crosses the glass ok.

03:32 (Onto the Banshee's tail) The turret bumps up and falls onto the Banshee's tail. After a while he bounces up - it almost looks spontaneous - then comes back down and jiggles away again. Quite a lively chap!

03:49 (Through the wall) Going through the wall is something he does a whole lot of, so I thought I'd better include a clip of that.

03:59 (High behind the Banshee) Quite an amusing bump, this one. He materializes high behind the Banshee and falls down in front of the camera.

04:06 (Another long bump to the other bridge) When he vanishes this time, there's no red dot on the tracker, so I know he didn't fall (or at least, not within tracker range). I go in search of him and get fired on; and he's waaay over on the other bridge. Another rare long bump.

04:25 (Behind me in the doorway) No sign of him again, but as I turn, he takes me by surprise from the doorway, the sneaky little critter!

04:35 (High jump off the Banshee) After bumping onto the Banshee roof, he jumps away and goes high, and I score a fuel rod strike as he starts to come down (you can see some green residue coming from him, which I think indicates a hit rather than merely being close to a blast). During my pick-up work he jumped up off the Banshee quite a lot like this, but rarely this high.

04:43 (Onto the wall) This time he bumps onto the nearby wall, which I think may've been the only such occasion, and a little firefight develops.

04:53 (Between the bridges) After a bit of crowding he ends up between the bridges. I subsequently ram him from below, successfully dislodging him, and then I go for a fuel rod blast on the way down. Strike! A good clip on which to end.

Closing remarks All but four of those snippets of action were obtained while recording for BCM127. Afterwards I did a little more play, hoping for a few more good clips from which to select, but eventually my joystick thumbs had had enough!

From this movie you can notice that the game treats the turret as personnel, in regard to the door opening. At various times the door opens or closes, according to his proximity.

Incidentally, there was at least one occasion on which the turret vanished without any red dot showing on the tracker (so, he didn't fall), and I never could find him, despite inspecting the entire twin bridges area and beyond. All I can think is, either the game freakily removed him, or else he bumped inside some bridge structure where he could no longer be seen.