BCM135 - Three Wraiths, Banshee attack

(7:22) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Using the save seen created in BCM80 I have some fun attacking the three Wraiths with my Banshee. The first play is relatively casual and in particular I enjoy swooping around the trees. The second is a bit more intense, and in the third I really live dangerously.

Released March 9th 2015, gameplay recorded March 3rd-6th 2015.


00:02 (Play 1) As mentioned in the brief description, I'm relatively casual in this opening play, and there's quite a bit of swooping around trees which is fun to do. Things are still pretty dangerous though, with a number of near misses (i.e. Wraith shots sailing past closer than recommended). I could play in a much safer and more efficient manner if I wanted, but it's more fun to do a lot of swooping around like this, sharing my fire among the Wraiths until they're all in a pretty bad way. The music fades out when one of the area's original two Wraiths is destroyed.

02:45 (Play 2 - a bit faster) This time things are a bit faster and more intense, with more near misses, some of which may make you wince. I fly around the Shade hill a lot, and the only trees I swoop around are the two next to it. But for variation there's also a short phase where I bombard the Wraiths from distance. Overall, this play is about 26 seconds faster than the first (not that I was trying to finish as fast as possible).

05:04 (Play 3 - extra dangerous!) In this last play I throw caution to the wind and fly in a highly risky manner, in the name of entertainment. Got blown up a lot while recording for this! I keep pretty close to the Wraiths and don't bother with any trees. Also I stay low most of the time, something which can give rise to friendly fire. At about 6:12 one of the Wraiths gets a blast in the rear from another, hee hee! At the end, the ground is covered in blast marks. Makes quite a nice sight I think!

Closing remarks Wow, it's been more than fifty movies since my original ones on the three Wraiths topic. Should've covered this Banshee attack fun sooner maybe; it makes for pretty good footage, and it was a relatively easy movie to make. When I was originally working on the three Wraiths business, I don't think I spent long playing about with Banshee attacking. Now I've returned to it though, it was a lot of fun! Pretty sure I'll be showing some Ghost attack action sometime too, so watch out.

The first and last plays were done on March 3rd. In the second slot I originally had another play from that date, but later I decided to try for something which was more different from the first play; so I focused on mainly flying near the Shade hill, which made things more intense; plus I deliberately included some stand-off bombarding.