BCM144 - Grunts and Jackals galore!

(2:00) Level 3 ('The Truth and Reconciliation') on Easy. A few days ago I found something pretty amazing which is going to provide a lot of new fun here at the Bad Cyborg research labs. I hope to have an article and tutorial out shortly, but in the meanwhile here's a two-minute teaser as a taste of what's to come. Specifically, Grunts and Jackals galore! UPDATE: I've now posted my article; Grunt-Jackal spawning trick.

Released May 14th 2015, gameplay recorded May 12th 2015.


00:02 As this is a teaser I'm not going to give anything away yet about how I got this madness going on, or even where it's taking place, but evidently we've got a fairly close-knit community on our hands here. Look at them critters packed in together! This is worse than the January sales! It's a good job I'm playing on Easy huh?

These are all clips from different plays, done with the teaser in mind. The first eight are somewhat up-close and personal, and mostly I'm not even shooting. The covies are doing a good enough job of killing themselves! As best I can make out in the chaos (judging by the recoil animation), I only fire two shots, namely in clip 5. My favourite bit is the Jackal seen briefly near the bottom of the image at 1:10. He is not enjoying himself down there.

01:13 Clip nine features Grunts clustered around me down below. That one's kind of odd-out but I thought it was amusing and fancied a touch of variation.

01:21 In this longer clip you finally get a wider picture when I take a few steps back after throwing a plasma. BLAM! And as you can see, there are even a few Grunts above the ceiling! One falls through when I zap him on the foot. Ow, that's gotta sting. When I tag the other one I get a bit close to the blast, oops! I'm not used to judging distances from grenades up near the ceiling.

Closing remarks Well, I hope that made you gawp a little. At any rate, that's the effect I was going for. Grunts and Jackals in the face. The footage was from the day after I made my little discovery. It's unrelated to the recent mysterious spawning business reported by MELEE (which may or may not be MCC-specific), but that stuff was why I was fiddling around in the level after a long absence - and I'm glad I was! More covie critters coming soon, when I reveal all!