BCM154 - Three Wraiths, Ghost attack stunting

(5:36) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. While making my Ghost attack movie BCM153 I started having fun doing occasional stunts off the three Wraiths, and thought maybe I'd include a few clips of that at the end. But pretty soon I decided I needed a whole other movie for it - and thus I present this Ghost stunting extravaganza. 31 stunts or stunt attempts selected from many hours of play and carefully edited together with the music beat maintained throughout. Rather a lot of nasty cyborg deaths too! And by the way, if you want to see an Elite fooling around doing a Ghost stunt, see the second clip in BCM56!

Released August 19th 2015, gameplay recorded August 6th-14th 2015.


00:02 (Hill jump, double bounce) I thought this clip would make a nice opener. It's kind of like I'm arriving on the scene, because I get a greeting from an Elite. I bounce off a first Wraith then get a blast-assisted bounce off another, sending me into a bit of a spin, though I quickly. The Ghost I'm using is the same one as in the last movie, retrieved from the battlefield.

00:12 (High double back flip) Just as I'm hitting a Wraith it takes a friendly blast from behind causing it to angle up, which rather cancels out my forward momentum. I do a double back flip almost straight up, and quite high too. Luckily I have time to get clear after landing - but only just.

00:22 (Left corkscrew) Driving down the big mound, I get a nice left corkscrew. Also, as I neared the trio they all fired, which made quite a striking sight.

00:32 (Front flip) Back flips and corkscrews are the most natural Ghost stunts with Wraiths, but you can do a front flip too if you catch a blast at the rear. In this first example I think I also take damage from a second blast, because my Ghost ends up smoking!

00:39 (Double back flip, killed in mid-air) Once again a Wraith takes a friendly blast from behind as I arrive, sending me into an almost vertical back flip. I get blasted when I land, and the Elites find it most amusing.

00:48 (Roll) This sideways roll may look a bit freaky but it happened quite a few times. I've only included one example in the movie though, because it's looks a bit unspectacular compared to going up in the air.

00:56 (Back flip, killed in mid-air) With my Ghost in rather bad state, I charge in and do a back flip but then get blasted in mid-air. If you're wondering why the Wraiths were initially pointing away from me, that was because I'd gone around the Shade hill - so they were still firing at where they'd last seen me. This clip was a late addition from a bit of play done on August 14th after deciding to try for just one more appealing clip. All the other play was done on August 6th-9th.

01:04 (Left corkscrew over Wraith line, killed) The Wraiths form a tight line here, which is rare to see. I do a blast-assisted left corkscrew and land heavily, then get killed by a blast which I'm pretty sure was from the first Wraith.

01:15 (Double front flip) At the last moment I change course and go for the Wraith on the left, getting a nice double front flip out of it. A few shots come my way as I'm in flight, but happily none connect.

01:23 (Back flip, killed) This back flip almost clears the rock, but instead the Ghost is stopped and slowly settles on the wrong side, with fatal consequences. After a blast kills me, my loose grenades detonate and I go flying high.

01:36 (Double back flip, killed) Here's another near-vertical double back flip; and when I come down, there's no escape.

01:46 (Underneath) Going underneath a Wraith isn't quite as stunty as going up in the air, but I needed to include at least one such occurrence. A Ghost goes underneath pretty easily actually, which is why I sometimes raise the nose a little as I'm arriving. Took me by surprise the first time it happened.

01:54 (Double left corkscrew) Nice double left corkscrew. Part way through the flight, you can notice that the rotation speed slows a lot.

02:01 (Extra-long left corkscrew) Approaching through the trees I get a blast-assisted left corkscrew, going an unusually long way. Nice! Ghost is in a bad way though. This clip is one of the few I got while doing plays for possible inclusion in BCM153, prior to deciding on doing a whole separate movie for stunting.

02:11 (Hill jump, left corkscrew via blast) When I head off the Shade hill I fly right into a Wraith blast which sends me into a left corkscrew. There were quite a few times when I got blasted when heading off the hill, but usually they were messier. This was one of the few times I landed the right way up.

02:17 (Incomplete front flip, killed) Curving around down the slope, I approach the Wraith on the end. Just as I'm arriving I get a blast near the rear from the Wraith in the middle and I find myself doing a front flip. However, a tree prevents completion. I'm ejected, and I think I get killed by contact with the Ghost.

02:28 (Left corkscrew, killed) Here's another blast-assisted left corkscrew in which I cover a good distance. But the Ghost is left in a bad way, and it's all over when a Wraith shot catches up with me.

02:38 (Back flip, killed, Wraith mishap) My approach here is similar to the one for the incomplete front flip two clips ago but this time I begin a back flip. Just as I'm leaving the Wraith I get a bit of a boost from a blast which hits it. That seems to give my flip a bit of spin, and it becomes a bit messy. On landing I'm quickly blasted and killed, but there's a bonus (did you spot it?). A further blast sets off my grenades and the Wraith I launched off is destroyed. The pilot goes flying.

02:53 (Spin, killed in mid-air) As I approach this Wraith, it fire and the shot passes underneath, giving me a bit of a push from behind. The Wraith itself is hit from behind directly, and gets angled up a little. I go into a mild spin but never make it down. Blasted out of the sky!

03:00 (Back flip) Nice back flip this, and I like how a Wraith shot then arrives and gives me a bit of a shunt.

03:11 (Hill jump, two corkscrew bounces) Heading off the Shade hill I get a "Wort wort wort" and then a rather cute double bounce off two Wraiths, corkscrewing right then left. When I bounced off that first Wraith I could see that a second bounce was on the cards, and fortunately it came off. I take a nasty blast as I make my escape, but at least I keep my ride.

03:23 (Back flip, killed) As I approach this Wraith it turns away a bit, so I hit it diagonally. I go almost straight up, doing a kind of messy back flip with a bit of spin. Heavy landing on the ice, and I'm almost instantly blasted. Incidentally, my Ghost was in a bad way when doing this stunt because I'd just done a blast-assisted corkscrew.

03:33 (Three in a row) Stunt attempts often go badly but here's an example of pulling off three in a row, which I was quite pleased with. The first is a simple up-and-over; no spinning or flipping. I don't recall getting any other clip of such a dynamic. I'm not sure whether I raised the nose a little on approach, but maybe that's what gave me this result? The second could just about be classified as a right corkscrew, though it's sort of a cross between that and a back flip. The third is a nice little back flip.

04:04 (Hill ascent failure, killed) At some point I got the idea of trying to get myself blasted up onto the Shade hill, which I thought would be possible if I got some blast assistance. So at this point the movie begins a sequence on that theme. I come close to the top with this attempt, but hit the side and then get killed on the way down.

04:14 (Hill ascent failure, killed) This time I'm killed by a pair of Wraith blasts and get sent straight back the way I came, before even taking off. Actually I was using a Wraith which was probably too far away from the hill anyway. I soon realized I needed one closer.

04:20 (Hill ascent failure, killed) I'm again using a Wraith which is a bit distant from the hill here. I end up going almost straight up, and one of the Wraiths gets me in mid-air.

04:29 (Hill ascent) Woo-hoo, got up the hill at last! A Wraith blast helps me up very nicely. The shot passes underneath and hits the ground just behind. I got up in that sort of fashion a few other times too but this was the nicest clip, quite apart from being the first time.

04:39 (Hill jump, ejected and killed) This next clip is separate from the hill ascent business but I thought it made a nice follow-on since I'm now heading off the hill. Approaching the edge, three Wraith shots make a great fountain, like a firework display. I was hoping to get a bounce of a Wraith, but an unusual dynamic occurs. Landing slightly short, the Ghost goes into the Wraith's nose and is instantly stopped, causing my ejection. Suddenly I find myself surrounded by covie tanks, and the outcome is never really in doubt. I get one rocket off, but then I'm blasted into next Tuesday.

04:51 (Hill ascent plus rocketing finale) On this later ascent attempt I realise that the Ghost isn't quite going to make it, but suddenly an idea comes to mind. I time a dismount near the top, and hey presto, I'm up! Then after a bit of dodging and watching I destroy the Wraiths with rockets and a few grenades. The last two grenades turned out to be redundant, but never mind. This was an obvious clip on which to end.

Closing remarks I was really pleased with this movie, as the stunts and Wraith fire make for a lot of spectacle, all backed up by the beat of the music. My work on this took over from work on BCM153 for quite some while because I was so keen to see what sort of movie I could build up.

I deliberately avoided editing the clips together too tightly as I wanted to include a good amount of approach work, including views of spectacular Wraith shots arcing in or past. Occasionally there was also the preservation of the music beat to consider (as closely as I could judge it). Sometimes that made me include slightly more footage than I might otherwise have. Other times, slightly less. In deciding on clip order, I made an effort to keep my approach lines varied from clip to clip (up to when the structure changed with the 'Three in a row' clip), and likewise the stunt types. Musical continuity was also taken into consideration.

I've already got a possible sequel in mind for the future, but I'd definitely create a new set-up in which I'm in a Ghost from the outset. That would be be far more convenient than having to fly to a Ghost and board it every time I revert for some more stunt attempts, which is what I had to do with this save. If you add up all the hundreds of times I reverted, I bet I lost at least an hour of my life just flying to a Ghost!