BCM169 - Rockslide megabattle

(6:23) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. If the hectic needling of BCM168 wasn't your thing, how about some sniping? Here's a triple play of the same rockslide megabattle save, this time fought with a sniper rifle. I have 28 rounds but there are 33 covies, so I need to make most shots count, and rely on grenades and Marines to do the rest.

Released February 15th 2016, gameplay recorded February 8th-13th 2016.


00:02 (Play 1) On this lengthy drive to the squad, eight covies can be seen diving clear, which may be a record among my rockslide movies so far. Unlike my needling plays in the previous movie, I won't give a blow-by-blow commentary of the combat, and will just mention a few things. There's a nice double-kill around 1:31, involving a Grunt passing in front of a crouched Jackal, but the highlight is a triple-kill of Grunts around 1:43. On this play I was also pleased with the number of Elites I managed to kill with only one shot, rather than needing two. Lost three Marines in this battle I think.

02:08 (Play 2) This time there's a bit of splattering on the drive. First a silly blue Elite, then a fleeing Jackal. On this play I'm using a new tactic, sniping from up on a big rock. It's more difficult than being among the Marines, partly because grenade use is harder. I see a good opportunity for my first grenade around 2:53 when a bunch of Jackals are arriving close together; and later at 3:37 I frag a few more covies in the same place. Around 2:48 you may've noticed that I sniped a blue Elite but didn't finish him off. I left that to the Marines, to save ammo. Since he was a blue, I figured they'd do it pretty quick. When it comes to reds however, I'm inclined to add a second round if needed. Looks like only six Marines survived; lost five.

04:19 (Play 3) Ok, I'm back among the Marines this time, which is more fun. Early on, two Elites charge forth and I kill the second by fragging the hog onto him, hee hee! There's a nice sequence of four shots around 5:20, killing a Jackal and three Grunts. I also enjoy getting the fleeing Jackal just before the end. Three Marines were lost, based on the death cries heard.

Closing remarks Actually, having no spare sniper ammo was a bit frustrating, because I had to be careful about my firing. Later I want to set up a save in which there's plenty of spare ammo, so I can really snipe fast. Maybe I'll do some sort of speed play, to see how fast I can wipe out the covies.