BCM186 - Spiral path megabattle

(5:33) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. This shows two plays of a spiral path megabattle save using the path base defence plan, against 53 covies including a cloaked Elite from the tower. Most of the covies are behind a Ghost blockade, waiting to be released. The save features handy spare weapons, and in particular, an extra rocket launcher! In the first play I use a sniper rifle and plasma rifle, and in the second I go with rockets. But both times, I finish off with my Banshee after the path attack is over.

Released June 15th 2016, gameplay recorded June 14th 2016.


00:02 (Play 1 - Sniper rifle and plasma rifle) After firing a shot to blast the blockade and release the covies behind it, I pause to kill a few covies near the tree. By killing two of the four, the remaining two get freed of their usual territorial limitation and should join the attack.

00:23 Down on the ice, I swap my launcher for a plasma rifle, for use later on if the covies get too close. But then I start up with the sniper rifle and get three Grunts, partially visible along the cliff edge. After reloading, I throw a plasma and tag an Elite, hit with a sniper round just before. And then I get double Grunt kill. Nice start!

00:48 For a moment I've got no covies in my sights, so I reload. By the time I'm done, an Elite is a good way down the path, but that's ok. I throw a frag beyond him, then snipe him. When the frag goes off, it also detonates two plasmas, and six covies are killed in all, including three Elites.

00:57 My sniping and grenading continues for a short while, but then I switch to the plasma rifle. I also spot the cloaked Elite, who's fallen down to the snow, but I get him quick, before he starts slicing up the Marines. When I throw a frag to finish two blue Elites attacking Marines on the right, it's a waste because I do the job with my plasma rifle instead. Also, the frag sets off a plasma which kills a Marine.

01:18 Things continue in a slightly desperate way as we try to hold the covies back, and I do some poor work with three plasmas. The first is aimed at a close red who was on the verge of death anyway, and it misses. The second is aimed at some close Grunts but they all escape. The third gets deflected by the blast of the second. I was aware of the danger and thought I'd thrown it far enough clear, but evidently I misjudged it.

01:30 Zapping a couple of Grunts, I catch sight of a red Elite near the Banshee. He got down to the ice after diving clear of a frag at about 1:21, which I didn't notice at the time. He's trying to hide, but I charge in and zap him with my rifle, then throw a plasma to tag him. But yet again I miss - I seem to be having a bad spell with my plasmas! So I finish him with the rifle instead.

01:40 Turning left to check out the situation, there's only a Grunt left in the attack. I'd been expecting a few more. I reload my rifle just fast enough to snipe him as he throws a plasma. Surprisingly, there are still four Marines left.

01:48 I finish off using the Banshee for a change. A Grunt tries to tag me but I move out of the way and circle around to blast him. Then when an Elite dives off the cliff, I score a mid-air hit with the fuel rod cannon. Seems like all that practice from doing BCM184 paid off! Another nice bit: blasting a yellow-shielded Jackal at almost point-blank range. Right at the end, the Banshee gets rather close to destruction from needles - I was a bit cavalier there - but it pulls through.

02:52 (Play 2 - Rocket launcher) This time I use a different flight pattern in releasing the covies, sinking down just as the dropship cruises in overhead.

03:15 Down on the ice I get busy with the rockets, slamming two into the top of the cliff. One Elite killed I think, judging from a Marine's comment.

03:23 Now my attention switches to the path. There's a lone red Elite to target, but my rocket goes off too far behind to kill him. It hurts him badly and propels him our way, and I decide to leave him for the Marines while I focus on the next Elites. Again one gets through, and it's only with the next rocket that I get a good result, killing two Elites. As for the blue Elite that got through, he's finished by the frag I threw just beforehand.

03:36 I spot the cloaked Elite now, and give him a rocket. My next rocket is meant to get a pair of Grunts but it only gets one. Then I rocket a blue Elite and take the opportunity to pick up more rockets from the spare launcher. I pick up eight; the two in the clip get wasted. Just as I'm loading up, the loose red Elite finally gets killed, after doing a lot of running around hurting the Marines.

03:49 So far my play has been relatively poor, resulting in covies getting close. But now things improve with two excellent rockets. The first gets two Elites and a Jackal, while the second gets a Jackal-rich cluster further up the path.

03:55 In the time it take me to reload however, more Elites have galloped down the path, and things get out of control again. I do some decent work though, and while reloading the launcher I let a blue Elite swipe at me. Then I tag him and leave him growling, and slam a very satisfying rocket into a concentration of covies at the base of the path. A further rocket takes out two Jackals, though I get hit by a plasma ball just before.

04:16 Looks like we're getting to the end of the attack now. I take out a few minors with a rocket, but a blue Elite escapes. I hold my fire for a moment to see if I can get a shot which will kill him without hurting the Marines, then I see a chance and take it. Works nicely - I was pleased with that shot - and it panics the few remaining Grunts. I whack them both, then rocket the final Jackal to end the attack. Seventeen rockets used.

04:35 Once again, I board up to finish with the Banshee, and it's a fairly quick job. Both Hunters get splattered with my wings. Four Marine survivors again.

Closing remarks That play with the rocket launcher was nowhere near my best performance, and it was tempting to instead show a play in which I successfully hold back the flood of covies with rocket after rocket. However, the fact that things got out of control a few times made it good to watch, and it did have some very satisfying rocket blasts. I can show a more efficient performance some other time. Actually I already have an idea for my next path base defence movie, to make it a bit different from others. Should be good!

The save used here was also used for BCM68 and BCM69.