BCM187 - Banshee battling

(6:09) Level 2 ('Halo') on Legendary. When driving to a squad of Marines in the underground tunnel for some Banshee battling, the hog was sometimes blasted over so I engaged in some on-the-spot retaliation instead, sometimes including rapid response tagging. This movies shows eight such incidents, including one where I'm freakily shunted down the valley by the rear of the hog. The action is from when I was making my 'stunt drive special' BCM166. So if you haven't seen that movie, maybe check it out next!

Released June 19th 2016, gameplay recorded September 2nd-3rd 2015.


00:02 Going over the left of the hump, a blast lands close behind and sends the hog into a somersault. It lands upside down and we get ejected, but I get speedy revenge on the assailant, tagging his Banshee as it passes, then finishing with pistol fire. As for the other Banshee, I almost destroy it with plasma but my rifle overheats, so I end it with the pistol.

00:44 Now I go for a jump over the main part of the hump, but again we get sent into a somersault by a close blast behind, and get ejected. The sniper takes additional damage from plasma fire and starts raging, but I destroy the Banshee with a nice quick tag and a bit of pistol fire. When I tackle the other one, a few pistol shots are way off target, and I eventually finish it with plasma fire.

01:29 This time I head left of the hump, where things are relatively flat. A blast overturns us and I get shunted away by the back of the hog, bouncing twice before sliding to a stop near the bottom of the valley. Too far away to help the sniper now! The Banshees home in on me though, and after damaging the nearest, I tag the furthest and finish it with pistol fire - then glimpse at the six-man squad waiting for me in the tunnel. Then I tag the last Banshee to finish it.

02:23 We go over the left of the hump again and take a direct hit, but I get the Banshee with a quick tag and pistol fire. I miss a tag attempt on the second Banshee but do damage with weapon-fire instead. It comically bumps into a tree before heading high, trailing smoke. When it makes a diving attack, four bullets finish it and it crashes down close.

03:09 Here we get ejected unusually early. The attacker is too far away to be tagged and I content myself with a bit of pistol fire instead. But then I hear the second Banshee attacking the sniper, and get it with a nice tag. Plasma fire finishes it off. The other Banshee takes a while to attack, and I wear it down with weapon-fire.

03:58 Again we're ejected after going over the left of the hump, though this time we don't exactly do a somersault. The blast was near the hog's rear left, so our tumbling is skewed. When I quickly tag the attacking Banshee, it arcs into the ground and I finish it with the pistol. The other Banshee then hurts the sniper with a fuel rod blast, and he starts raging. I return fire and eventually it's on the verge of destruction via plasma rifle, but I see the opportunity for a fairly easy tag so I finish it like that instead.

04:39 I head over the main part of the hump again and we somersault from a blast close behind. Tumbled out, the sniper complains that I'm "driving a little fast", which wasn't exactly the problem! The attacker gets clear but I quickly destroy the following Banshee with a long tag and pistol fire. The initial Banshee eventually comes down fatally low, and I finish it with plasma fire.

05:29 One last time over the left of the hump, but a blast only comes when we're over it. The sniper gets killed by the follow-up Banshee, causing the pilot to laugh in glee. I miss a first tag attempt, but as it flies off I throw again and score a tag on the wing tip. Sweet revenge. When the first Banshee returns I tag it on the front, and a bit of plasma fire makes sure the bang is enough to finish it. As a blue beam goes off in the background, I watch the Banshee and pilot fall beyond a small hill. And then there's a bird cry to finish the movie quite nicely, which is actually part of why I chose this clip to end on.

Closing remarks I've had these clips for almost ten months now, waiting to be assembled into a movie. The main reason I didn't do it sooner was because of how the sky sometimes comes out badly, which is a failing of iMovie '09, the movie software I use. It has a bad rendering flaw, causing needless posterization of images, which is especially noticeable with relatively dark colours, such as the deep blue of parts of the valley sky. In particular there's sometimes some ugly flickering of colours when I have a zoomed pistol view. That tempered my enthusiasm for using the footage, and actually there were some clips I deleted because the flickering was so bad. But with the remaining clips I've gone ahead with a movie at last - and hopefully the occasional bogus flickering won't distract too much.