BCM246 - Entry chamber Siege of Madrigal Easter egg

(4:38) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. This shows where to hear the 'Siege of Madrigal' Easter egg in the entry chamber, once you've got a Banshee there (a Banshee can be taken through to the chamber quite easily - see BCM223). The music is basically a piano phrase about 29 seconds long which repeats indefinitely. Here I include some plasma grenade accompaniment for fun!

Released June 16th 2017, gameplay recorded June 14th 2017.


00:02 The Easter egg is located down at the barrier, along the ledge on a particular side as shown. The trigger zone is not quite centrally located along that ledge; it's slightly offset to the right as you look at it. The music is basically a phrase about 29 seconds long which repeats indefinitely. In my play here I let it play five times, during which I look around and eventually provide some carefully timed plasma grenade accompaniment.

03:25 I found that you can also trigger the music in a Banshee, if you face out and angle up. Perhaps it works this way because your feet are sufficiently close to the ledge? Better not angle vertically though, or you can fall out. Here I fall to my death, but another possibility is that you end up on the ledge.

Closing remarks I didn't actually know this Easter egg was down there until someone mentioned it in a YouTube comment on my last video. But I subsequently found it, and it was evidently worth doing a little movie on. I used the set-up seen created at the start of BCM223.

It's also possible to get down to the Easter egg by staying aboard the Pelican at the start of the level and riding down, but I plan to deal with that in a later movie. Based on my experience so far, it seems quite fickle as to whether you get out of the Pelican suitably (I died a lot before success). And as such, using a Banshee seems much easier. But I'll look into it more closely later.