BCM258 - Top of the first map via Pelican

(7:55) Level 6 ('343 Guilty Spark') on Heroic. After more than 250 movies, here at last is one for 343 Guilty Spark. It shows the classic old trick of flying to the top of the first part of the level, plus a good deal of subsequent exploration and recreation, including fun with covies! Watch out for a sequel coming shortly.

Released November 18th 2017, gameplay recorded August 29th - November 16th 2017.


00:02 (The trick) When the whiteness has faded I throw a grenade, and instead of being forced off the Pelican as usual, I remain aboard to get flown to the top of the map. While waiting for the Pelican to rise, I do a bit of firing with the AR to pass the time and see some water effects. There's something curious here. When I fire into the distance somewhat, I get water effects stretching back close to me. It's something I'd noticed before, so I was doing it deliberately here to show it.

There's a handy arrival checkpoint up top, after which I start looking around. The 2D scenery can look quite pretty, especially when looking up. There are a few short clips of that later in the movie too.

01:57 (Attacking early covies) I backtrack to have a bit of fun attacking the early covies, who were heard panicking during the flight. In this case I take them out with grenades; but I save two plasmas for the Marine coming up next.

02:40 (Weird Marine) There's a weird Marine nearby, with no weapon. After shooting him a few times, I launch him for fun. There's not a whole lot else you can do with him. Come to think of it though, can you get him into rage mode? I haven't tried that yet; but I doubt that he'll chase me, even if he gets mad.

03:14 (Invisible wall) There's an invisible wall all around this huge upper area. Grenades vanish through it, but as you see, plasmas leave a fizzing trace for a while. Bullet casings bounce off - as did the Marine in the previous clip. Grenade blasts can mark the wall.

03:47 (One of the corners) The map seems like a big square, and here's one of the corners. When I throw a plasma, thinking to send it through the wall, it goes wrong and I tag myself. Whoops!

04:08 (Structure entrance fight) After going a long way clockwise, I ascend a slope and get a view of the structure entrance, then slide down and trigger the covies for a fight. I deliberately went slightly to the front of the Shade to enter the trigger zone (which covers most of the area but not all of it). Triggering the covies also triggered a checkpoint, but here it got delayed until the action was over.

In the fight, things predictably get a bit hot in the Shade so I dismount to dish out some justice on foot. One Grunt gets away from an attempted tag, but I throw again and catch him. No escape for you grunty!

05:14 (Solid trees) It's not all 2D stuff up here; you've got normal solid trees too - or tree trunks at least - as demonstrated here. Seeing the bark fragment effects close up is nice, so I included a bit of that.

05:30 (Entrance ambush) Here's another clip involving the structure entrance. This time I'm on the other side, and I jump down for an ambush. If you step through the movie frame by frame, you'll see the spawning of the main group (it's not easy to notice when playing the movie). I could've got clips showing the spawning more clearly, but I wasn't fussed about that because I've got a whole other movie on that theme coming up next.

As for the action, there's plenty of mischievous tagging as in the earlier fight. You don't see me wiping out the covies completely though. It was mainly for the ambush part, plus I thought it was nice to end the clip right after things go briefly quiet and you hear what sounds like a cricket, which I thought made for good comedy.

05:58 (Water blasting) Anyone for a spot of water blasting? I recorded quite a few clips at this pool and liked this one best. It includes both types of grenade and ends with a nice double blast.

05:58 (Backtrack fun with camo) To end the movie, a long clip showing some backtrack fun with the hidden active camouflage. If you pass a certain point, the covies are triggered into panicking; and that's when I start having some tagging fun. I get all four, and do some nice mid-air shooting too.

Closing remarks This movie is somewhat late. The opening clip is from almost three months ago when I started. The movie was going to be BCM256, but I ended up drifting out of the movie-making for a while, and eventually did a few rockslide megabattle movies to try and get things going again. Almost all the remaining footage is from recent days, when I finally made a push to get the movie done. At the same time though, I've put together a sequel. So watch out for that, coming very soon!