BCM260 - Top of the first map via rock-hop

(3:34) Level 6 ('343 Guilty Spark') on Heroic. Continuing the theme of reaching the top of the first map, I tried something and found another way up. It's easy too! You hop onto a big rock (no grenade boost needed), and from there it's trivial. As it turns out (I did some searching), a version of this was already known in early 2002, which doesn't surprise me. But it was different, and harder. It's shown in the movie, for completeness.

Released November 25th 2017, gameplay recorded November 23rd 2017.


00:02 (Grenade jump) When I noticed how inviting this big rock looked, I started trying to get up the side, and soon found that a grenade jump could get me up pretty easily - as demonstrated in this clip after a spot of Grunt slaying. After getting onto the rock, reaching the top of the map is a triviality. You don't even need to jump off the rock, though I do in this clip. You can just run off.

00:51 (Rock-hop) But later I found this way - the main subject of the movie - which dispenses with grenade boost and which is easier too! A small clump of four growths indicates where to start.

01:17 (Marine revisited) For fun, and to represent going exploring, here's that weird Marine again; and this time I give him a bit of needle treatment.

01:42 (An old version) After searching, I found that folk had got up via this rock long ago. There's a link in my article. Here's a demo of what I assume they were doing, based on the screenshots. A direct jump, but it's hard to nail. In this case it takes me three tries.

02:06 (Another use) Finally, a clip to illustrate another use for the rock-hop. Attacking the entrance covies from above! This is just a brief example to give you the idea. I may do a whole movie on this theme later.

Closing remarks This was a pleasingly quick movie to make. When I started recording to show the grenade jump and final rock-hop all in one play, it went fine on the very first take, so there was no need for any more. But for brevity I've edited out the portion in which I came back down after getting up with the grenade jump.