BCM263 - Yeti Flood unleashed!

(2:24) Level 6 ('Guilty Spark 343') on Easy. Poor MC. Lost in the swamp, and then things go from bad to worse. This is a short teaser for my next movie - which will show how you can stop one of the yeti Flood from being killed off by the game! I won't say which; all will be revealed shortly.

Released December 11th 2017, gameplay recorded December 11th 2017.


00:02 Owing to the story-like nature of the movie, this won't be one of my usual sort of commentaries, but I can say a little. Once I had my Flood, there was a bit of set-up work involved to get this situation, as you might guess. Work which included putting a spare needler on a rock, for the sake of doing more needling. I got a handy checkpoint and then attempted plays of the sort seen here, following a rough script. Wandering around 'lost', being surprised by the Flood, getting some good action, running out of ammo and finding the spare needler, and eventually - in about two minutes or a little over - being amusingly killed.

It was quite hard actually, because most plays didn't turn out well enough. In fact, quite often I got killed by one of my own grenade blasts, when trying to get good visceral action. Another issue was that in the wandering phase, there would often be a Flood gurgle too early for what I wanted story-wise. I also had to be careful not to wander too close to the crashed Pelican, which wasn't far off, otherwise the repeating message would start playing. I didn't want that, because it wouldn't really match the narrative of being lost. One other trouble was that right at the end of an otherwise decent play, my death either wasn't entertaining enough, or the game auto-reverted too quickly (which would've made the action seem too abruptly cut off at the end of the movie).

I got a few pretty good plays though, and this was my favourite, even despite missing two tag attempts early after finding the Flood. Two of the frags created nice splooshing sounds, but two didn't. It's a bit fickle.

I deliberately had an empty AR. Otherwise I would've been obliged to use it (wouldn't have made narrative sense otherwise), but then I likely would've shot his arms off, which would've ended the threat - which wouldn't have been as entertaining as getting spectacularly killed.

Closing remarks What else to say? Groundbreaking tutorial coming up very shortly!