BCM266 - Yeti Flood, log guy blocked from teleporting

(5:11) Level 6 ('Guilty Spark 343') on Easy. More yeti Flood business with log guy. I've already done a movie on getting close (BCM262), and one on keeping him alive when he normally would've been killed off by the game (BCM265), but there's still another facet to cover. Namely, there are two ways he can get blocked from teleporting when he falls off the log (so, another way of keeping him alive). Check it out!

Released December 21st 2017, gameplay recorded December 6th-19th 2017.


00:02 (Reminder on falling) This clip is from when I was working on BCM262, the movie about getting close to log guy. I showed some examples of him falling off but nevertheless teleporting, and here's another. This one's a bit different though, because I go up the log and drop down after down!

00:31 (Blocked by cyborg) Somewhat later, I realised that you could easily block him from teleporting, simply by standing in the nook between the rocks, where he'd normally go. Don't know why I didn't think of trying that earlier. These three examples are from December 14th-15th.

01:42 (Blocked by rock) Prior to that, I'd already seen another way he can get blocked. Twice when working on BCM262, he fell and got deflected to the right of the rock he falls near, causing him to get trapped on the right, running endlessly. But I deliberately left this topic out of that movie, to deal with in a separate one. Here you see the second time it happened (my play the first time wasn't so good). I attack him a bit, including some blasting, but I was never expecting to be able to blast him out, as blasts don't have any shunting effect on yeti Flood.

02:54 (Needle raid) After a while I decided to go and fetch a needler. In the process I triggered the covie spawning checkpoint, and ended up getting it as I headed back to log guy. The checkpoint allowed me to do multiple attacks with a needler. It would've been more convenient if I'd got the checkpoint closer, but at the time I didn't really have multiple plays in mind.

03:29 (Three fatal plays) Here are three plays in which I get explosively launched when needling the tagged Flood. The first was an early play (my second I think), done just a few minutes after the needler raid. The other two were done just recently, while specifically working on the movie.

04:32 (Freeing him) While working on the movie, I realized it was actually very easy to free him. All you have to do is walk against him, forcing him up; effectively "giving him a leg up" (I almost did this at around 2:26 in the movie, but didn't realize the potential). Then he's able to get slightly further forward, enough to hit what I'd guess is a teleportation plane. In this example I deliberately get him double tagged just before he teleports, so the blasts occur at the death spot. I made quite a few takes at doing plays like this, and was trying to time it so the Marine's broadcast message would end at around the time of the final plasma blast, making a neat ending for the movie.

Closing remarks Ok, that's log guy well and truly covered now. Finally I can get on with movies about swamp guy and Shade guy; getting close to them (which I was already doing a few weeks back), and possibly keeping them alive (haven't yet done that). Swamp guy coming up next!