BCM267 - Yeti Flood, getting near swamp guy and keeping him alive

(7:31) Level 6 ('Guilty Spark 343') on Easy. Continuing with the yeti Flood work, this time I'm putting the spotlight on swamp guy, addressing the matters of getting close and possibly even keeping him alive, as I've already done with two of his chums. How does he shape up? Check out this fun-filled exploration and tutorial!

Released December 28th 2017, gameplay recorded December 25th-27th 2017.


00:02 (Setting up) This first section shows a good way of setting up for triggering swamp guy repeatedly. In standard play you'd typically trigger him while traversing the log, but actually his trigger zone extends to an area below the log, and it's best to be down there because you can get to him a bit quicker, plus it makes early grenade throwing easier.

Delay the early checkpoint (triggered with the explosion), skirt around the back for ease, and stand as shown at the base of the mound. There's some dark marking you can use for guidance. Turn to aim at the middle of the small rock, then move left until aiming approximately as shown. Face towards the water where you'll be running, and get the checkpoint. Triggering can now be done just by moving back a little. If you really fine-tune your positioning, that could mean just a single step, but here I wasn't trying to be so exact. I've got a shotgun because it's fun and useful (only available on Easy), but it's not essential of course.

00:44 (Getting near and attacking) Now here are eight plays featuring a variety of attacks, including quite a bit of grenade use. In the first play though, I simply drop him early then let you see his scripted movement. Bear in mind that each time he spawns or reanimates, it's random whether he'll be droppable (in which case he's very fragile) or not. In the penultimate play at 2:27 there's a nice big water splash and he stays down a long time, reminiscent of a case with log guy in BCM262. But probably my shotty blast was key to that; note that he gurgled in response, despite a lack of movement.

02:57 (Keeping him alive, 2-drop approach) Now we turn to the issue of keeping him alive. And the good news is, it's quite easy! As expected from experience with log guy, what you need to do is drop him just before he teleports, so that he teleports in dropped state. You need to get the timing right and be lucky enough that he's droppable, but it's very little trouble (unlike with log guy, which took loads of tries). Here I first use a grenade to drop him (it was an easy throw I soon got used to), to give me plenty of time to get close for a shot in the back as soon as he reaches his teleport position. I used a grenade and a torso shot because I was trying to keep him intact. Actually it wasn't a great shot because I almost hit an arm. But anyway, I see him falling for a fraction of a second before vanishing, so I know I dropped him.

03:15 After that, I head off to see him, using the hop rock to get up top. I delay the covie spawning checkpoint to get it close to him, so I can have fun with him repeatedly. Just like I did with log guy in BCM265. You'll find him around to the left, quite a way off, near the invisible wall.

03:56 After the checkpoint I start playing about with him, and quickly find that he reanimated droppable (fragile) - which gives me a handy opportunity to test whether melee can do the job. And yes it can, though he always needed three or four whacks. Standing on his head provides a bit of amusement too.

05:11 (Flipping him) Naturally you can flip him into enemy status, just like I showed for log guy in BCM265. I give a brief example of a bit of needle action thereafter.

05:43 (Keeping him alive with just a shot) Actually it's possible to make do with just a single shot, if you can manage to arrive in time to get the necessary line of sight (it's a bit random). Here's an example. Notice the plasma he drops? That's one way of being sure I dropped him, but actually I also noticed him starting to fall. I subsequently show a bit of comedy up top.

06:14 (Stalling him if needed) If you're going for the single shot plan (which is the best plan I think) but realize that you're not going to make it, you can switch to an attempted 2-drop operation, stalling him to give you time to get close, as seen here. Of course, you need extra luck for him to be droppable twice in a row.

06:28 In a subsequent play up top, I treat him to a 4-plasma cascade of tags, after backing off to a suitable distance (judged mainly from how much he'd darkened). He loves plasmas.

07:08 (Late frag) Towards the end of my gameplay for the movie, I tried using a frag to drop him late, and quickly got this success. Using a frag is another option you could switch to if you were initially going for a single shot approach but realize you won't make it. But is it a better bet than swtiching to a 2-drop operation? I haven't tested it, but it would partly depend how good you are at timing a frag throw.

07:13 In a subsequent play up top, I end up shooting his arm off (raised due to looking up at a plasma) and it's like he doesn't even notice. Comical I thought.

Closing remarks In light of this experience, I'm pretty sure swamp guy is going to be the easiest of the yeti Flood to keep alive (he's certainly way easier than log guy). I still need to take a look at Shade guy though. Should be doing that soon.

Incidentally, you could flip the yeti Flood in advance, like I did in BCM264. That also means you'll have aim assistance when firing on him before teleportation. I may feature some such play in a later movie. Needler use in particular.