BCM275 - Wraith at the bottom of the cavern

(6:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Continuing the topic of getting a live Wraith to the bottom of the cavern, this movie demos an approach I hit on towards the end of making the last. Namely, immediately freefall underneath to get clear before doing some cushioning. Maybe the best plan so far. You'll also see quite a bit of fun at the bottom!

Released February 27th 2018, gameplay recorded February 22nd and 25th 2018.


00:02 This is the earliest recorded clip of the movie, and I think is from when I was just getting into the method. I don't get great separation from the Wraith when freefalling, but it's ok, and the Wraith gets down fine after a single bounce off the Banshee. Quite a short battle thereafter though. I'm a bit gung-ho and take a plasma-ball at point-blank range.

00:38 My technique is much better here. I'm quickly under the Wraith and freefalling, resulting in good separation, and a then comfortable bounce gets the Wraith down ok (and for good measure I score a mid-air strike with the fuel rod cannon, which is fun to do). I'd say this was ideal technique, except for the fact that I'm hovering stationary as the Wraith lands, making myself a fine target!

01:05 Good technique again, and this time I evade the initial plasma balls once the Wraith is down. Subsequently I land a good way off and have some fun with the rocket launcher and plasma grenades.

02:10 When the Wraith bounces off my Banshee it goes into some forward rolling and hits the wall. Unfortunately it then lands wrong side up, causing pilot ejection. Not what we wanted, but he does make a nice target for splattering. Looks like the Wraith blocks his attempt at diving clear.

02:39 After the Wraith bounces off my Banshee, it heads across the cavern and scuffs down a pipe, which is excellent for slowing it up. Towards the bottom I try to score a fuel rod hit, but I miss. And I was so focused on that, I end up in a rather vulnerable spot - with predictable outcome!

03:07 Two very nice hits here, and the Wraith is down. When I see it rotating to face me, I opt for bailing and using the Banshee as cover. Then I use rockets and plasmas to win victory.

04:04 After a nice bounce off the Banshee, the Wraith heads for a safe touchdown and I score an excellent mid-air fuel rod hit at the last moment. It was a hard shot as I was so far off. I dodge three plasma balls before charging in to eject the pilot; then I have some fun blasting him.

04:49 In this example the pilot doesn't quite survive to the ground. But just before he dies, he fires a devilish shot which cooks my goose. You can briefly see my body settling not far from his.

05:15 This time the Wraith gets away from me somewhat. I try to reach it for a bounce, but only hit the front left fin. That sends the Wraith tumbling into the wall, and the pilot pops out. There's still some fun to be had though. A quick fuel rod shot detonates his dropped plasmas just after he dies, boosting him to the ground.

05:38 A successful example to finish; and after the Wraith is down, I duel it in my Banshee. I live pretty dangerously here, dodging the plasma balls and trying to stay relatively close for my own shots; but eventually he's toast.

Closing remarks Three of the ten clips - namely the first and last plus clip 5 - were obtained towards the end of my time working on BCM274, when I hit on this early freefall method and realized it merited a separate movie. The other seven clips were done when I got to working on that. I'm still not done with descent methodology though. Next instalment coming shortly!

Notice that I do the freefalling pointed down. You don't have to, but it gives the best speed, leading to better distance and longer to get into position for the cushioning.