BCM281 - Freaky graveyard! Three-minute teaser

(3:23) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Definitely something weird going on here. Teaser for a major new topic coming up next.

Released April 26th 2018, gameplay recorded April 24th 2018.


00:02 So, this place seems pretty quiet. No covies to slay? When I get up the zigzag path, I see a lot of bodies. Guess I missed the party! A pity.

00:27 After needling a red Grunt for fun, I tag him and - whoa, there's two of 'em! Weird.

00:54 Same deal for this orange guy. A double! What's going on around here?

01:20 A blue Elite is my next port of call. After a spot of needling I tag him on the head and stand back, and we get… blue times two! The mystery deepens.

01:41 A dead Marine! Put up a good fight by the looks of it. He was a brave soldier. But wait, a tag reveals a double. Ok then, he was two brave soldiers!

02:00 Hey, someone dropped a rocket launcher, woo-hoo! I'll have that.

02:09 Aha! A Jackal. I hate Jackals. After giving him a whack, I launch him vertically using a frag and a rocket placed on either side. But when I rocket him in mid-air, he splits into two! Everyone's a freak today!

02:34 Ok, let's try one more. How about this Grunt? I tag him, and sure enough he splits into two. But hold on, let me try something. Another tag causes another split; so now we've got three! And then another tag brings the count to four! Freaky stuff indeed.

Closing remarks Explanation coming up shortly in the next movie!

UPDATE, 1/5/18: Now that I've released BCM282 and the secret is out, you can read some remarks about this teaser in my written commentary for that movie, if you're curious about the details.