BCM288 - Body merging, crewmen on the Autumn

(6:22) Level 1 ('The Pillar of Autumn') on Heroic. I went in search of crewmen on the Pillar of Autumn, to see if I could super-merge some. Turned out to be pretty easy! Here are two plays at the hotspot just before the stairs, involving a guy in orange and another in teal.

Released May 31st 2018, gameplay recorded May 28th 2018.


00:02 (Play 1) In this first play I do the merging in a corner formed by a cross-support and a loose console cabinet. That was actually the first corner I tried, though this was a later play, having tested things out. I'll make a few remarks on how things go.

00:39 Having slaughtered the covies (culminating in an amusing headshot on the final Elite), I do a good job of getting the two crewmen into the corner. One blast apiece.

01:43 At this point we've got a harlequin crewman, but the colours have very poor contrast and it's not a pretty combination.

0217 The appearance is now orange, and I'd say the crewmen are now either super-merged or very close to that. I do one more blast to try and make sure.

02:31 I don't do a very good job of getting the multi-crewman out into the open. He goes down a passage, where I blast him a bit more before separating with a tag. My flashlight expires right at the end. During the play, I was intermittently trying to recharge it.

03:29 (Play 2) Another play from the same pre-spawn checkpoint. There's some randomness in how the two crewmen spawn. Sometimes they both spawn the same colour, but here we've got one orange and one teal again. Unlike last time though, they have the same head model I think. Different skin shades though.

03:44 After the fight, their bodies have settled close together. I decide to try and use a corner formed by the wall and a cabinet. Two blasts get them into it.

05:07 Four blasts later, we've almost got a teal appearance. Seems like the guys are super-merging to teal this time, not orange. I do one more blast and hope that's enough.

05:25 This time I'm able to blast the merging around in the main area, though it's still rather hard to control. They definitely seem super-merged though. As before, you can sometimes see the other guy when the merging is in flight.

Closing remarks It's been quite a while since we visited tho ship eh? This is my first level 1 movie since my kill 'em all speed run BCM22 almost eight years ago!

In this skirmish area there are often a good number of loose plasmas available after the hostilities (probably fewer on lower difficulties), which is convenient for merging. If you run short though, you can probably top up by briefly backtracking to the previous area. I did that sometimes but it slows things up of course, so I didn't use those plays for the movie.

The two plays are fairly similar but I decided to use both because they show different super-merged appearances and different merging corners.

Obviously you could also merge Grunts or Elites on the ship. Looks like there are going to be lots of viable corners. Maybe I'll do a movie on that, to show some examples.