BCM298 - Wandering Banshees, high playing

(6:36) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. Here's instalment six on on the wandering Banshees topic - my last for now I think. Sometimes Banshees rise as they play, and they can get well above cliff height, giving you some unusual high playing which is nice to watch, especially when the playing is irregular rather than just circling. This movie shows two examples.

Released July 8th 2018, gameplay recorded June 29th and July 1st 2018.


00:02 (First example) Having obtained circling Banshees, I throw a frag to try and disrupt them. The Banshees progress into some random playing and I get a bit further back to sneak a few peeks. When I do, I see that they've got high. They could be above cliff level soon, so I quickly back off a long way to avoid being spotted. From my new position I watch the Banshees rising and playing. Very nice too, with picturesque background. Eventually they settle into some circling though.

02:44 I move in for a closer view, and also have a go on the chain-gun, but I wasn't expecting it to have sufficient range, and indeed it doesn't. Looks like these guys will be circling up there for good!

04:22 (Second example) This second example arose in a similar way, except it took two grenades to get the initial circling broken up. The footage picks up the action where the Banshees have already risen above cliff height. There's some nice playing, including a striking manouevre around 5:21 where one Banshee goes high and the other goes low, then they respectively dive and climb to cross. They continue into two similar manoevres on a reducing scale.

06:08 Eventually I see that I've been spotted. One of the Banshees is heading straight for me. I give it a bit of pistol fire to fend off this first attack run. For brevity I've cut the second attack run (it wasn't very good in terms of footage anyway).

06:20 With the third attack I try sometime fancy, figuring to get the Banshee flying close overhead and out past the cliff with a plasma grenade stuck to it. However, the grenade passes through the Banshee without sticking and the pilot smacks me off my precarious perch with a tail swipe (actually I think that rotation was a reaction to the grenade). You can hear him laughing as my body falls.

Closing remarks Now I've got this sixth instalment done, I've covered most aspects of the wandering Banshees topic so I think I'll leave it there for the time being. But I may well come back to it later, and there's still some research I need to do, which could lead to new movie material.

Banshees rising as they play isn't entirely new to me. When the Banshees spawn over a cliff and start circling, sometimes they rise and can get very high, continuing to circle. I plan to cover this in another movie soon, and I'll write an article too, which has been long overdue.