BCM30 - Two fast bridge descents via patrolling Elite

(3:09) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. For PAL Xbox this shows two fast descents from the first bridge by using the patrolling Elite to stop me on the near right ledge. Unlike in BCM29 there's no checkpoint work to break things into a couple of steps. We're getting down without delay, in time to greet the Pelican.

Released February 21st 2011, gameplay recorded February 17th 2011.


00:02 I'm beginning from a delayed entry passage checkpoint just before the loading point, so I can revert to here if a descent attempt fails. By getting the checkpoint before the loading point, you'll get the full range of randomized positions for the patrolling Elite and dozing Grunts, rather than getting the same configuration over and over. If you're making repeated attempts, it makes for variety.

00:06 I head out onto the bridge and whack the first dozy Grunt. My motion tracker has already given me a rough indication of where the Elite is, and when I get a glimpse through the left glass panel I decide my approach. Smashing the other panel, I fall down and give him a plasma ball surprise followed by two whacks to hopefully put him into rage mode, then head for the corner of the deck fast, but I take the opportunity to smite a panicking Grunt on the way. He fell through the panel when I smashed it. I deliberately left him alive up top so I could enjoy killing him on the lower deck like this. A growl behind me confirms that the Elite is mighty angry now, but I manage to get to cover before any plasma hits me in the back. I get into a fairly precise position on the edge of the deck and wait for him.

00:24 As he comes into view I get spot of plasma just before he swipes, but I'm still in good shape for landing on the V. I turn and run off the deck as he swipes, and crouch-land pretty close to the bottom of the V. You can actually land there with no shield damage but perhaps my crouch was slightly mistimed here. I lose a health bar but it doesn't matter much. I continue off the V and drop to the apex of the chevron right after the Elite, then get stopped by him as I smack him onto his back. No more growling for you Mr Elite - and I'll have your blaster too!

00:37 I pause on the ledge for a look at things. The Banshee is way up high and fires a bolt of plasma at the Pelican but it sails past the left wing. As the Banshee gets lower I pepper it with pistol fire. It would be easy to finish it off with long-range fire (or closer work if it chooses to swoop my way, which sometimes happens) but I want to end things on the ground, where the destruction tends to be more spectacular. So I slide down the cliffside and get a kick-off near the bottom by doing a jump at the right time, sending me out into the battlefield. I switch to the plasma rifle for a bit of variety and because it makes things a bit more challenging, and score a few hits as the Banshee is heading away. When it comes back I zap it a little more and it explodes, comically falling onto some bozo just as he's throwing a frag at it. Another Marine dives clear. Meanwhile the Pelican has deposited Sergeant Johnson & co, and I'm greeted with "We could use your help, sir!". Ok Johnson, I've just dropped a Banshee on one of the boys and stolen his assault rifle; what would you like me to do next? Just before the clip ends you can see three of the Pelican Marines going inactive (the fourth is obscured by the Banshee).

01:36 Round two! I start by hopping over the wall and smacking a Grunt on the other side. Good fun! The Elite is closer this time and I smash a panel to drop down behind. When he turns I give him the usual plasma blast and whacking, then I'm off into position on the edge of the deck. My subsequent landing on the V is good, and pretty soon I'm on the ledge with the unfortunate Elite's blaster in my hands. Again.

02:15 I don't dally on the ledge though. After just a brief look up I'm off down the cliffside, getting another fun kick-off near the bottom, which puts me nicely in position for some pistol fire as the Banshee swoops up at the Pelican with plasma cannons blazing. But then it veers off and heads down my way, briefly causing me to miss a few shots - that's my excuse anyway! I score a few hits with the plasma rifle but my grenade throw is way too late as it flies off. Guess I'm a bit out of practice since the tag-fest that was BCM26. I've got one eye on the Pelican, but focus again on the Banshee as it comes in on another attack run. The plasma rifle finishes it off - BOOM! - and the pilot comes flying out, getting a gratuitous whack as he slides to a stop (actually if I'd delayed my fire a moment longer I could've had a go at whacking him in mid-air, which is even better fun). The Marines are happier this time as nobody had a Banshee fall on his head. "That'll do him!". Stacker brings his boys to the party, but I'm taking a ride. So long fellas!

Closing remarks Doing things the fast way is actually not as hard as it might seem. I put a good few hours of gameplay into this to try and obtain the nicest runs I could, and was making several descents per hour. Getting down fast makes for quite a nice challenge, plus it's pretty good fun.

There are various starting positions for the Elite, some of which are easier than others for getting him into rage mode and reaching the corner of the deck without bad damage from his plasma rifle. In some cases where he's near the end of the deck, you have to get him further away before inducing rage mode, so he subsequently has to run to the corner to see you. Otherwise he'd likely just fire at you from where he stands. To do that you can let him take a swipe at you, then dodge around it to get between him and the near end of the deck. Wait for him to turn and face you before doing the stunning and whacking, which will shift him further away.

Incidentally, if you enjoyed these fast descents there are another two in BCM13 using other methods.