BCM300 - Maw Banshee snatch, more rooftop fun

(6:15) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Easy. In this long overdue sequel to BCM170, in which I had some rooftop fun with the remaining enemy Banshee after a tag-snatch, I put the focus on dodging and other daredevil exploits. In particular there's some wing jumping, in which you cross the path of the Banshee to jump over the far wing - a tricky switch of sides. There's some airborne frolicking too though, and some nice bangs. All in all, a good noisy six minutes for my 300th movie of the series.

Released July 26th 2018, gameplay recorded February 21st-26th 2016 and July 22nd-25th 2018.


00:02 Having snatched the Banshee and checkpointed inside the ship, I head back out and lure the remaining Banshee up to the rooftop. Initially I do some low right-banked circling, getting some excellent sync with my pursuer (better sync than in BCM170 where I first showed low circling). Then after a short bit of circling the other way, I dismount to begin the main business: dodging on foot. There's a first bit of wing jumping (only brief) and then some backing off for synchronisation, ending with a tag which sends the pilot back down the way he came.

01:51 More back-off syncing, but this time I try to get closer. Living dangerously there! In the last few seconds the sync is nice and stable; I got the control work just right. Clip from 2016.

02:19 This short clip was a late addition to the movie, to add a bit more boom and an example of plasma snuffing. Snuffing was covered in BCM170 but it's pretty amusing and very striking, so I though it was worth including an example for anyone who hasn't seen that previous movie. The pilot snuffs the first plasma but fails with the second. My third plasma happens to tag the pilot, and the blast sets off his dropped grenades.

02:38 Back to the wing jumping now, with three good jumps. I transition into some back-off syncing and get extra close, but when I raise my pistol to try and fire at the pilot, it breaks the dynamic and I get splattered. Oops! Clip from 2016.

03:16 At the start of this clip I do a bit of frolicking about with the enemy Banshee, using a lot of up-and-down movement. There's a bit of a 'figure of eight' feel to it because I keep changing between left and right banking, but it's a lot more random (I showed figure of eight flying in BCM170). In the subsequent dodging phase I repeatedly run at the Banshee and turn to keep it in sight, aside from the fourth turn which is the other way.

03:56 Here I'm turning on the spot to sync with the orbiting Banshee. I get some excellent 'locked' sync, before ending with a tag. I demoed turning on the spot on foot in BCM170 (mostly near the captions "That's gonna need fresh paint" and "Plasma snuffing") but not very explicitly and not with such good sync. Clip from 2016.

04:15 Four good close wing jumps here, then I let the Banshee chase after a plasma. I send in a rocket too, hoping for some kind of cataclysm, but the Banshee escapes and actually my rocket sends the grenade airborne. Not to worry though; I get some nice bangs when the Banshee comes back up, getting tagged and rocketed.

05:05 I showed a bit of figure of eight flying in BCM170 but here's a longer example executed lower down. I was trying to pretty much skim over the roof (I scrape it at one point).

05:25 Back-off syncing again, and I get pretty good lock. Clip from 2016.

05:34 After a rather hairy wing jump I endeavour to bring things to an explosive close. I'm pretty sure my first plasma throw was a tag attempt, but it narrowly misses. The pilot starts to go after it but then reacts to my second throw which tags the back. However, it's actually my rocket to the roof which destroys the Banshee. The plasma then goes off and detonates his loose plasmas (he has five), sending spatters of blood onto the invisible wall. Nice! As the pilot comes down I eventually fire a rocket but miss (difficult shot and I was out of practice too). Oh well. Still a nice explosive ending though, with highly amusing blood spatter.

Closing remarks I had a few ideas on what to do for movie 300 but eventually settled on having some noisy Banshee fun with iconic musical accompaniment. This sequel has been waiting two and a half years, and I'm still not finished with movies relating to the Banshee snatch. About 90 seconds of the footage comes from shortly after I released BCM170 in 2016 (I've indicated the relevant clips), but the rest is from the last few days. All of it used the same save though: the one used for BCM170.

Talking of the music, I've carefully lined up the clips so the beat continues - and at some joins the music continues fairly exactly. I didn't do that in BCM170, though I can't remember why. Attempting to maintain musical beat in relevant movies has been my standard practice for ages.

In further regard to music, for the finale I was trying to get things to end like in BCM170, where the music comes to a climax then settles. It was basically a matter of initiating some explosive action at the right sort of time on the countdown, and hoping things worked out. My clip overshoots a bit (the music starts up again while I give a final view of the excellent blood spatter), but that was ok.