BCM301 - Warthog engine anomaly

(4:47) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. I've occasionally witnessed an empty Banshee with engine still running, and once also a Wraith, but this may be the first time I've had a driverless Warthog with such an anomaly. See how I tried to fix it, in this edited comedy adventure which starts just after I noticed the issue.

Released July 31st 2018, gameplay recorded June 18th 2018.


00:02 So, I've just noticed that the engine hasn't stopped. Unsurprisingly a spot of AR fire fails to fix it, and also a frag. I briefly reboard and dismount, but there's no change so I try taking the hog for a spin. There's a rather sickly sound to the engine when we get to full speed.

01:05 This is about 30 seconds later, during which I'd taken another short drive and dismounted. Now I do the same, but this time there's a change! The idling sound is different - just a deep low tone. I think we lost an element.

01:33 I try another short drive but there's no change, so I use a plasma - just for comedy really. The gunner gets ejected and runs off, but I give chase and pick him up again. Note: you can see a red dot on my tracker starting around 1:45 when I throw the plasma, and again when I catch up to the Marine. Both times it's a wandering Banshee (maybe the same one).

02:22 This is about 70 seconds later, after a bit more driving with no change. I head out into the valley for a longer jaunt and to throw the hog around a bit. A Grunt outside the rockslide area provides a little diversion. Unshown, I checked the engine at the bottom of the valley but it was still nerfed.

03:22 I head into the tunnel next. The main idea I had there was to cross the loading point in case that might fix things, but it didn't. We end up at the light-bridge area but the bridge is down as expected, so I head back.

04:18 One last check. But no, the engine still isn't fixed, so I give up and take the hog over the cliff. Amusingly, the gunner says "Nice one!" He's a bit slow on the uptake apparently.

Closing remarks The movie left some aspects unexplained because I elected to make things into a sort of in-character comedy adventure, but now I'll give you more info.

I got the anomaly while using a very old save which used to give me wandering Banshees. It's a save with a clumsy start, because the save checkpoint occurred just as I was dismounting the hog (at the high entrance to the cliffside survivor area). This particular time, I started the save, waited for the view to settle down (it's a bit disorienting for a moment on account of the dismount occurring) and realized the engine was still running. That's when I started recording (meanwhile, the Banshees had chased the Pelican and were off wandering). The play lasted just over nine minutes but I've edited it down, cutting out a few bits of fruitless driving and engine checking.

After driving the hog off the cliff, the game reverted me and that cleared the engine problem. The hog was reset to normal condition. I was later able to get the engine anomaly again by restarting my save, but it doesn't happen every time.

If you were to save a checkpoint just as you're dismounting a hog, you might be able to get this engine anomaly when you start the save. Also, maybe the same technique could be used to get an engine anomaly with a Banshee (see BCM109 around 2:31), Ghost or Scorpion. Maybe I'll check into this sometime, but it's not high on my priority list. I've got a ton of more interesting things to do first.