BCM305 - Valley Banshees, unusual early behaviour

(6:57) Level 2 ('Halo') on Easy. In this third movie on what the valley Banshees do after spawning, I show four unusual early behaviours I've seen with certain set-ups, the potential for which is just down to luck. But the highlight is definitely the amusing 'jinking', which you have to see. I've also included a good deal of gratuitous Banshee destruction. Some very nice bangs there!

Released August 19th 2018, gameplay recorded August 11th-18th 2018.


00:02 (Initial spiral climb) Normally the Banshees quickly come together, but one of my set-ups frequently gives this unusual behaviour, whereby the left Banshee spirals up and the other gives chase. I give two examples; one where the climb is followed by circling down, and one where it's followed by circling up.

01:11 (Early break-off from circling) In this behaviour the Banshees start circling down but one of them quickly breaks off. It always seems to be the right Banshee, and the break-off direction seems consistent for a given set-up. I've had at least three set-ups which were prone to this behaviour (so I'd say it's a lot more common than being prone to spiral climbing), and here you see examples from two (plus some Banshee destruction, including a rare 'two for one' incident). In both cases I'd say the break-off came after about 1.5 orbits. Maybe that's always the case?

02:50 (Sinking becomes rising) Normally the Banshees quickly settle into either circling down or circling up, but some set-ups are prone to the behaviour seen here. They initially look to be circling down, which is characterized by a tight orbit, of period about 3.5 seconds, but they look uncomfortable with it and keep making small adjustments as if trying to find a groove. And eventually they adjust into circling up, which has a larger orbit and an orbital period of about 5.7 seconds. The adjustment can take even longer than seen here, which was a typical example. I've seen it take a further 10 seconds or so.

03:46 (Jinking) This jinking is really quite something eh? Really wowed me when I first saw it. Three examples here, each with different subsequent behaviour. The number of jinks you get seems a bit random. With the set-up I was using (one of only two jink-prone set-ups I've had), six or less was the norm. I only very rarely got more. The last clip shows my record of eight, obtained after something like half an hour of repeated spawning, to see how many I could get.

Incidentally, sometimes the jinking ends with what could be called a half jink, whereby only one of the Banshees jinks. I don't count that as a proper jink.

Closing remarks I think these are all the unusual early behaviours I've seen, in the large number of spawnings I've done, using dozens of set-ups. Of course, there may be more, or there may be some variations of these behaviours which I just haven't seen yet.