BCM309 - Hillside scenery glitch

(6:32) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. Here's a movie about an interesting scenery glitch described by FrogBlast in May 2002. In the hillside survivor area, elements of the scenery can vanish if you get yourself perched at an appropriate height. He showed a few video clips using two rocks, but here I use better versions of those rocks, having checked all the randomized possibilities. I also show a new viewing spot.

Released September 15th 2018, gameplay recorded September 11th-14th 2018.


00:02 (Initial demo) The movie begins with an edited play in which I view the glitch from both the back rock and the front rock. Moreover, the save I was using had the best versions of each. I wanted that specifically, and got it by repeatedly playing from just before the loading point until I got lucky with the rock randomization. Among the things you can see is the waterfall at the bottom of the valley. It's flowing, though that's hard to notice in the movie.

03:18 (Back rock, five versions) Here I show all five versions of the back rock, best to worst. The first two are good, the next two are more awkward, and I couldn't even get on top of the last. The third one - namely the lowest - needs a hog on top for height, as demonstrated.

03:46 (Front rock, five versions) There are likewise five versions of the front rock, and I show them best to worst. Only the first three are suitable, and the lowest needs a hog on top as demonstrated.

04:37 (Early visitor) Using the first rock again, here's a clip in which I've just arrived, and an Elite from the tower has picked up the scent - which they sometimes do. Thanks to the glitch I can see him through a rock, to target him with a fancy high tag while he's recharging.

05:08 (More stuff) Here are three things I wanted to show. Firstly, you can see a second waterfall at bottom right (this is pretty much the best view I could get of it), namely the one at the top end of the valley. Secondly, the blue beam can be seen extending below ground (also glimpsed a few times earlier in the movie). Thirdly, glitch flicker, courtesy of grenade blasts.

05:42 (Up in a tree) Near the end of making the movie I had the idea of getting up in the tree. And sure enough, it gives you another viewing spot for the glitch. You can see the distant waterfall better from here too.

Closing remarks I might come back to this topic later. There are some aspects which could do with more investigation or coverage, but I didn't want to get into that here as the movie was already long enough and I wanted to get something out.