BCM310 - Nap time interrupted

(5:50) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. This one should please the Grunt fans. A comedy action montage featuring four sleepy Grunts and a Hunter near the end of the level. I'd had a checkpoint when approaching, and that made it convenient to replay the situation, having fun in different ways. Needless to say, the Grunts get a few nasty wake-up calls!

Released September 18th 2018, gameplay recorded September 16th-17th 2018.


00:02 (Play 1) In this introductory play you get a good long look at the sleeping Grunts, and you can see how they're impeding the Hunter from attacking. But eventually I get close enough that his melee instinct is triggered - and then all hell breaks loose. Three of the Grunts go flying, in various ways. My final rocket misses the airborne Hunter (drat!), but at least it hits the wall behind him, causing some blood spatter.

01:21 (Play 2) Sometimes when I approached, one of the Grunts was awake. He would've been running to the nearest Shade but he was hemmed in. On this play I get spotted but then he foolishly turns his back on me and I tag him with a plasma, which causes a grunty wipeout.

01:38 (Play 3) As you can see, the Hunter is impeded from firing when there are Grunts in the way. One type of fun I had was tempting him into an unfortunate shot. In this example he kills two of the sleepers and injures the others. After they're all dead he ends up amusingly blocked by the ramp, haplessly trying to whack me. This actually isn't the first time I've had a situation like that. One day maybe I'll get around to doing a movie involving another such situation.

02:33 (Play 4) Taking us to the halfway mark, here's a different attack vector for variety. I lob some plasmas up from below, killing two Grunts and making a third dive off. He lands in front of me and kindly donates his needler and a plasma, and I use both to launch the last Grunt spectacularly, which is the key reason for including this clip. I killed the Hunter afterwards but I've cut that bit.

03:10 (Play 5) The movie almost didn't have this clip. All the other play was done the day before and I thought I had the movie finalized at about five and a half minutes, but I decided to do some play relating to something I'd occasionally seen earlier: a Grunt getting knocked off the platform and then going back to sleep. This time I was specifically trying for a knock-off, to really showcase the phenomenon. I got plenty of good examples but liked this one best.

03:31 (Play 6) Another case of tempting the Hunter into a dodgy shot, but this time much faster. I end up having some fun needling and tagging the Hunter to death.

04:20 (Play 7) Once again I'm spotted by an already woken-up Grunt, and once again I have fun with a grenade, this time bouncing a frag off the ceiling. Surprisingly the Hunter seems oblivious (is he deaf?), making him an easy target for a pistol shot in the back.

04:35 (Play 8) Finally, a 'melee special' on which to end. I use melee only, with a plasma pistol I quickly backtracked to get from the nearby Shade gunner I'd killed (a guy who'd woken up from the tower). Initially I lure the Hunter out to get rid of him with a whacking barrage. Twelve swings, twelve hits; evidently he was a strong Hunter (a weak one takes fewer hits). When I get back to the Grunts, I take out the second orange guy first because he was always the one prone to waking up to run to a Shade. Remaining crouched (down at Grunt height), I end up advancing on the final two critters as they back away, and I get some good comedy out of the last guy saying "Too close!" by fitting a few captions around it.

Closing remarks I got this situation back in May while working on something else, and realised it could make for an amusing movie because of how the Hunter is impeded. I recorded some plays but then put the save aside for later as I didn't want to get sidetracked. But finally here's a movie. I didn't use any of my early stuff though; this is all fresh. I did a lot of play and put together a good variety of the most entertaining episodes.

Incidentally, the other Hunter had already come down and been killed. You can catch a glimpse of his body around 1:11. The checkpoint I got was after that, as I went up the slope.