BCM315 - First ground battle with ten Marines

(5:55) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Back in BCM241 I demonstrated getting seven extra Marines using a Banshee grab, and I played two battles with my squad of ten. Just before I delete that save, here are three more battles fought in various ways. Something pretty funny happens in the second.

Released October 30th 2018, gameplay recorded October 27th-29th 2018.


00:02 (Play 1 - Launcher & sniper rifle) For this first play I go with the rocket launcher and sniper rifle, though I don't actually do much sniping. Early on, a Marine frags me and says "Sorry!" Yeah right. My favourite two bits from later on: whacking the Jackal with my launcher as he rolls near the Wraith, and blasting two Jackals when I jump down from above. Both very satisfying! I also enjoyed taking a bit of time in rocketing the Shade near the door, sending the gunner go flying through the air.

One weak point: I do a poor job of grenading a Jackal around 1:22. My first plasma bounced off his shield and the second went long; so I sniped him instead.

02:07 (Play 2 - Banshee) This time I just use the Banshee, and the first highlight is around 2:18 when I blast the high Shade and ram it, sending it down onto the head of a Grunt (and almost splattering the Elite too). I'd realized the opportunity for doing this on earlier plays, so I started trying for it. The other highlight: sneakily flipping the Wraith like I did in BCM241. It's too much fun to resist.

03:36 (Play 3 - Covie weapons) Finally I use covie weapons, after blasting the nearby Shade to get a needler. When I needle the Ghost pilot, I grab his plasma rifle so I've got two plasma weapons to use against the Wraith. Gets taken down pretty quick, speeded along by my three tags. Up at the far end, a Grunt score a posthumous victory by tagging a Ghost manned by a Marine. At the very end a Marine says "Look, a mark five!" You'd think he would've noticed a bit sooner eh?

Closing remarks It's been quite a while since I did some sort of combat movie, so here we go. Although this was a fun save to play, the battling is still only on Heroic, so it's frankly too easy. If I do this type of set-up again I'll step things up to Legendary. However, I think I'm more likely to cover the topic of mob battles first, which gives much more intense combat. That's pretty long overdue.

More combat coming up in the next movie shortly - on level 4.