BCM316 - Augmented ascent fight

(5:27) Level 4 ('The Silent Cartographer') on Legendary. Back in BCM106 I did an augmented ascent fight up through the main facility with lots of needling. This time I'm setting a much faster pace with pistol and rocket launcher, though it's not a full-on speed run. There are 77 covies in all (that's 32 more than usual, including the 5 outside the facility), and naturally I'm out to kill the lot!

Released November 1st 2018, gameplay recorded October 29th 2018.


00:02 (Bottom room) I gave a pretty detailed commentary on my previous outing BCM106, but I'll just cover a few highlights this time. In this bottom room I was aiming to do a slick job headshooting Grunts, but although I get the first three nicely, the next guy takes a few shots. It slows me up and I start to get overrun by the converging mob, so I do a bit of tagging. As for the second Hunter, I hit on the fun tactic of landing behind him to shoot him in the back.

00:44 (Ramp Jackals) For these murderous ramp Jackals I start off with plasmas, electing to conserve my rockets. One guy dives off to his death, and another is blasted off still alive. The final Jackal starts to be a pain so I throw a quick frag to get him on the ropes, then I advance and finish him.

01:04 (Jackals, Grunts, Elite) Things go very well in this big open area, thanks to two effective rockets, the first decimating the Jackals on the other side of the room and the second killing the Elite and a couple of Grunts up above. It's pretty easy work after that. I get the final Jackal with a frag as I pass, for fun. As you will have noticed, I didn't get the active camouflage. I'm doing without it.

02:00 (Descending Jackals) Pistol work quickly takes out the first two of these Jackals. My plasma throw at the final two lands short but my frag is just right, and I manage to retain full health.

02:12 (Hunter chamber area) For the first few Jackals in the next area I use a sneaky throw to get off to a good start. Moments later, another nice throw helps deal with a trio at back left. After reaching that area I rocket the Elite who's now firing at me from the other side. Direct hit, I believe. I try to finish him off with pistol fire but it's not working and my health is getting low, so I lob a plasma through the opening instead, and that does the job. No trouble after that. Of course, I didn't mind losing some health there because I knew there was a medkit nearby.

03:05 (Ramp Jackals) Three Jackals on this ramp, and I enjoy rocketing the final two. BLAM!

03:16 (Top room) Nasty room now! Takes a while before I actually venture into it, but I eventually make it to cover with only one health bar lost (though it could've been significantly worse, the way those Jackals were firing). I throw a plasma when advancing out of my cover, in case there are any Elites up that way. I'd probably hear them reacting. But the area turns out to be empty. Moving on to the doorway, I tag a red Elite and that kills all three in one go. Nice! A rocket wipes out what's left.

04:10 (Gold Elite) I give the gold Elite the usual tag treatment.

04:26 (Camo Elites) Well stocked with grenades, and with three rockets left, I deal with the cloaked Elites reasonably well. I lose two health bars but I've still got a rocket spare afterwards.

04:55 (Hunters and Jackals) The Hunters are quickly dispatched with pistol shots, though I initially slip up on the second. As for the Jackal, they turn out to be blissfully unaware of the commotion, making them easy prey. Nice chance for me to use my final rocket.

Closing remarks Can't believe it took me this long to show another play of this excellent save. I wonder what it's like with just an AR and grenades. Maybe I'll try that sometime!