BCM323 - Blue beam zapping a Warthog

(7:04) Level 2 ('Halo') on Legendary. In BCM321 I had fun getting covies zapped by the first tower's blue beam, and now it's time to do the same for a Warthog. In the set-up plan shown, there's a timing aspect to do with when the beam is due to fire next, and my advice is geared for PAL Xbox. On NTSC/PC the beam fires about every 15 seconds instead of 18, so you may need to adjust things a bit; see my article. By the way, a hog zapping set-up is what got me up the tower in the previous movie - so it has an extra use!

Released December 4th 2018, gameplay recorded November 26th - December 2nd 2018.


00:02 (Setting up) You can read the full set-up advice in my article, so I won't go through it here. I'll mention a few details though. I was starting from a copy of an old arc of death save (so, a delayed dropship 5 checkpoint), which already had some plasmas at the rock.

00:39 I picked up a needler because it could potentially be used to launch the hog later. But I didn't have much luck with it, and I don't have any such launches in the movie.

00:45 My tidying work was kind of clumsy, even if it did work out fine. I focused my view on the pile's core to let some other stuff get removed, and then when I looked to the right to check that stuff had gone, the pile unintentionally went out of view and part of it vanished. However, the remnant looked okay so I accepted it, rather than reverting to try again.

01:27 This is the route I think you'd best take to reach the pile in time. Not much room for error here. If you have a prang, you may end up having to revert for another try.

01:54 (Using the set-up) It may take a while to get some zapping going, but in my experience there are usually ways, as long as you parked the hog okay and you've got a good number of plasmas. After a few illustrative failures, I've provided a selection of zaps, and some tagging for extra fun. Notice that when tagging the hog prior to launch, I tag as late as possible to try and ensure that it gives a bang, rather than glitchily going off silent which is unsatisfying.

03:33 This was just an accident, but hey I got a hog on the tower! That was the only time it happened, during recording for the movie.

04:04 (Counting plasmas) If you want to count your plasmas you can just go around picking them up and throwing them, and counting your throws, as shown here for the preceding set-up. But to be sure you got them all, throw a grenade so any hidden ones would get detonated. Bear in mind, sometimes there's a weird pick-up glitch whereby the game won't let you pick up plasmas even though you've got room.

05:25 (11 plasmas) Even 11 plasmas can be fine, as seen in these two examples. I'd guess that they were fairly concentrated, but for this set-up (which I didn't keep), I didn't actually check.

05:50 (17 plasmas) Finally here are some zaps using a 17 plasma save. This was actually my first hog zap set-up, and it's a bit scruffier because of that. There are some stray plasmas which got me killed occasionally, though I haven't included any such accidents here. There's another hazard though. In the penultimate clip I get killed when the hog comes back my way! Good comedy clip.

Closing remarks Hey, coincidence! This movie came out as 150.2 MB, the same as the last one.