BCM327 - Twin bridges megabattle, left side defence solo x3

(6:58) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. This shows three plays of a twin bridges megabattle save featuring 50 covies, including a dozen Elites. I execute a left side defence solo, using three different weapon combos. Needler and plasma rifle, then sniper rifle and rocket launcher, then pistol and rocket launcher.

Released December 29th 2018, gameplay recorded December 27th-28th 2018.


00:02 (Play 1 - needler & plasma rifle) After picking up a needler and plasma rifle from my handy weapon pile, I approach the battle area using a route which triggers the covies to start moving up the field, and I dismount a short way beyond them.

00:28 This weapon combo is relatively hard to survive with, but I get off to a decent start with some needling and grenade work as I gradually back off, keeping damage to just one health bar lost. I only switch to the plasma rifle when back past the door and sheltered by some rocks. Plasma fire finishes a growling Elite, then three closer Elites - aided by a nice frag.

01:07 Two more Elites are approaching and I try to needle one, but only succeed in making his shield flicker. I shake up the rear one with a frag though, and meanwhile use a stationary shield for cover, then switch to the plasma rifle to finish them off. Nice bit of melee there too.

01:20 Things are hectic for a while after that, with a mass of Grunts and Jackals running around. There's actually only one more Elite left. I'm out of needles for quite a while (somehow failing to pick any up when I kill the Elite around 2:10), but I eventually get some with which to torment the final Jackals.

02:44 (Play 2 - sniper rifle & launcher) A luxurious combo! This time I get myself perched on the big cliffside rock for some initial sniping. My first two shots are both double kills involving an Elite, and then I kill three more Elites before coming under fire from a charging red surrounded by Grunts. I hurt him with a round, but switch to the launcher to finish him off, in order to get some Grunts too.

03:08 As usual when perched on this rock, the Elites have advanced fast and I can't stay up long. I drop down, firing a rocket as I go, which nicely takes out a blue Elite. Then things get rather hectic with melee and grenades as I run around and back off, until I finally get the launcher reloaded, and get things under control. That was a long reload delay. Good rocket at 3:30, taking out an Elite.

03:38 Eventually I'm backed off to where I've got a spare sniper rifle, and I use it for an ammo top-up. After a while I'm left with just a distant wave of latecomers who make easy targets. But I finish with a rocket for fun, sending a Jackal flying overhead.

04:38 (Play 3 - pistol & launcher) More rocket play, but this time coupled with a pistol rather than a sniper rifle, so things are a bit harder. My first rocket is good, but the second and third are pretty much wasted. At least I fragged a needling Elite though.

05:00 Moving left toward the tree for cover, I rocket a blue Elite. From behind the tree I see another blue and throw a plasma which tags him - which you can initially tell by his groan. Even before that bang goes off though, I step out and get two blues with another rocket. BLAM! Then also a blue Elite near the tree, trying to needle me.

05:14 There are lots of Grunts and Jackals around now and I back off to new cover, slaying as I go. Things remain pretty hectic for a while as I dodge around and attack, but I stay in good shape and take out two more Elites with rockets.

05:55 I briefly crouch behind the rocks to try and recharge, shooting some distant covies while I'm waiting. Then I emerge and polish off the nearby guys, except for one Jackal who escapes a plasma blast (I should've just shot him).

06:12 Spotting another Elite approaching, I throw a quick plasma but it's way too short, and I rocket him instead. More are coming and I back off to finish the Jackal who's now started attacking me from behind.

06:22 After picking up two plasmas, I pause behind the stationary shield as two Elites approach, then I rush up to each one to tag him as he swipes and misses. After that, there are just some Grunts and Jackals to mop up. Jackal headshot to finish.

Closing remarks You may've noticed that I haven't done any megabattle movies for a long time. That was because there were so many other topics waiting to get covered in my movie series. I decided to focus on those for a while, to try and get through a good number of them. However, here's a dose of megabattle carnage to end the year.

The save used is similar to what I used for BCM90 (solo trough defence) except that I've eliminated the four Hunters and also three Grunts, before checkpointing afresh. There was another such modification used for BCM235 (more solo trough defence).