BCM332 - Jiggling plasma grenade and more

(5:32) Level 2 ('Halo') on Legendary. Dropped weapons and grenades bounce off bodies, and this can sometimes lead to prolonged jiggling around in cases where there are lots of bodies. I got some striking examples when working on BCM324 - starting with a freaky jiggling plasma dropped by a covie.

Released February 10th 2019, gameplay recorded December 7th 2018 and February 9th 2019.


00:02 (Jiggling plasma grenade) Starting just after the dropship 5 checkpoint, this is the earliest clip I kept. I'm pretty sure this was a replay from after I'd discovered the jiggling plasma grenade, otherwise I surely would've waited for the Grunt to reach the pile before killing him. The grenade seems to be in a stable 12-frame cycle. Eventually I get too close and disrupt it though. Then the covies are upon me, which is not a good thing on Legendary. I switch to my plasma pistol hoping to stun and kill an Elite fast, but then I realise it's empty. I'm toast within moments, right after desparately letting fly with a plasma. There wasn't even time for my throw animation to occur! Well, at least the blast killed a Grunt. Woo-hoo.

00:55 (Plasma rifle added) Another replay from the dropship 5 checkpoint. When I drop a plasma rifle, it ends up jiggling in the same area as the grenade.

01:23 (Needler added) Another replay. This time I get a needler jiggling alongside the grenade, and give it some spin with a shot. But then the covies interrupt again. Not shown, I managed to slay them; but during the battle some of the bodies got removed, and the grenade too.

01:45 (Getting rid of pests) The covies were being a pain, so I let them arrive and then killed them. Here you see me getting the last two; and then there's the Pelican arrival checkpoint.

02:10 (Spinning plasma pistol) This is a replay from that checkpoint. When I drop a plasma pistol it starts spinning like the one in BCM112, and I have some fun shooting it to adjust the spin. It eventually flies off; and from replays I found that it would seemingly always do that and land in a certain place - just like the one in that old movie did.

02:57 (Getting busy here) In that last segment you may've noticed the sign-off checkpoint. This new segment is a replay from that checkpoint, and I've still got the spinning plasma pistol. I now get a plasma rifle jiggling with the grenade, so now we've got three agitated items (I wouldn't say the plasma pistol is 'jiggling' really). Or at least, we do until the plasma pistol flies off.

03:46 (Quadruple jiggle) In this play I progressively get a needler, plasma pistol and plasma rifle jiggling in the same spot as the grenade, thus ending up with a quadruple jiggle. I included some AR fire for fun (went to the tower to get the AR).

Closing remarks I could probably have got even more than four items jiggling in that spot, but it would've taken more time and I wasn't fussed to go further. If you want to get some jiggling going, just get a body pile at that rock like I've shown in previous movies, and see what you can do. You're unlikely to get a jiggling plasma grenade (that really was quite freaky), but self-dropped weapons are another matter.

When I originally noticed the jiggling plasma grenade, I did some initial replaying and recording, but also saved the checkpoint so I could potentially do more later. The movie's first two segments are from that early time, but the rest have been newly obtained. The seven segments (separated by page-turn transitions) are actually in chronological order, not that that's important.