BCM334 - Cavern wall anomaly and odd freezing

(6:36) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. I don't know if this has been discovered already but I found an interesting and surprising anomaly in the cavern, and had some fun with it. Check it out! More coming shortly.

Released February 24th 2019, gameplay recorded February 19th-23rd 2019.


00:02 (Introduction) I found this hidden gap when continuing to do some play after releasing BCM333. Fell through the wall! The opening clip here is a later example recorded for the movie by way of demonstration. The gap is actually pretty wide, as indicated in the subsequent clip.

01:32 (Banshee denied) I thought I might be able to get a Banshee through. That would've been very interesting! Sadly though, the best I could do was get the nose to poke through. You might want to try it yourself though, just in case.

01:57 (Reaching the exit passage) Not long after discovering the gap, I realized that you can easily reach the exit passage, using drift. You don't even need to do a jump take-off. Don't expect to survive though. I tried cushioning on the slope, but continued dying.

02:25 (Delayed checkpoint) For easy experimentation with the gap, you should get a delayed checkpoint up there. Easily done. In this demo I backtrack to trigger and delay a tunnel checkpoint, and get it when standing at the gap. Such a checkpoint is particularly useful for trying to get 'freezing', an odd phenomenon you can get if you die just as you reach the passage (something you can control to some degree).

02:58 (Freeze montage) This 14-clip montage shows various examples of freezing, using various saves and weaponry. Sometimes with a freeze, MC is absent or weapons are absent. Overcharging a plasma pistol provides maybe the best freezing fun because of how the sound can continue. One of the four plasma pistol clips shows a green glow captured, which is very rare. Doing a late grenade throw can be good too, especially with a plasma grenade, as it can continue fizzing.

05:01 (Opposite gap) I subsequently checked the opposite recess and found a hidden gap there too! Much narrower though; you can check it for yourself. Reaching the passage is hard (on my PAL Xbox at least), unlike for the original gap. I had to jump for extra distance, but my success rate was still under 50%. Maybe even under 30%. I got this humorous clip with Sarge though, having deliberately left the hog where I'd be landing. You can get freezing too, but again it's hard to make the required distance.

05:45 (Descent trick) I eventually found that I could survive a descent to the exit passage using Banshee cushioning. Not that it's of any use, but it's just for fun. In this example I follow up with some Grunt extermination in the cavern. Silly critters had gone to sleep! Question: are there any more hidden gaps in the level? Or even in other levels? That's a lot of wall to check!

Closing remarks For this movie I've boosted the brightness a bit compared to my usual production settings, to try and help with the darker parts of the footage. Some parts (such as where I try to get the Banshee through the gap) are still really dark, but this is the best I could do without making lighter tones too light.

I've got two more movies bubbling on this topic (couldn't fit everything into this one), so watch out. Next one should be out in a few days.