BCM339 - Cavern attack via Banshee teleport

(6:12) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. While exploring the tunnel teleport (see last movie) I found a variation which would take me into the cavern. In this movie I use it three times to arrive at three different places, to surprise the covies. A squad of 8 Marines adds to the fun. This illustrates a general principle which can likely be employed in other places too. Namely, teleporting can be used for launching novel attacks!

Released March 17th 2019, gameplay recorded March 16th 2019.


00:02 (Far platform, right) After opening the door and watching most of my squad coming down the hill (one guy goes to the left and is seen later), I briefly fly ahead, triggering a tunnel checkpoint and a Marine advance to the cavern entrance. It's actually the Marine advance I was more interested in.

00:32 This is the first teleport method I established for entering the cavern, and it's pretty easy. The Banshee is in the same place as in the last movie but it's ok to have it angled slightly left as I did here (it gets you closer to the patrolling covies and also helps ensure that you don't end up dangerously near a wall). The first aim is the same as before, but the second is different and doesn't need to be very precise. There's a greenish glob shape with whitish fringe, and basically I go for left of that fringe, like the 9 o'clock position on a circle.

01:04 Arriving on the right of the far platform, I quickly get sight of the two Elites and two Hunters, and take out the red with a headshot. I clumsily fluff my shot at the back of a Hunter, but patiently wait a moment and get him in the stomach with my next shot.

01:15 By now the Marines are entering the cavern and coming under fire from two Elites. I want to help keep them alive so I get busy on the Elites, trying not to accidentally shoot a Marine in the process. I take down both Elites then get one of the Jackals on the bridge, before having a spot of fun rocketing a Shade.

01:40 The Marines are struggling across the bridge now and I want to snipe enemies there, but the only one I get a good sight of is a Grunt, who I nail. But a Hunter shot has just flown my way, and it's time to move. I rocket him and reload, then have a nice little sniping spree as I close in on the bridge, including getting two Jackals with one shot.

02:02 Arriving at the end of the bridge, I'm just in time to see a tagged Marine go flying. That grenade came from the red Grunt, who I promptly snipe - and then his buddy. There's just a bit of mopping up to do after that. I rocket a Shade, then spot a final Grunt who gets my other tube.

02:33 (Past the exit door) A different departure spot this time. The Banshee needs to angled left a bit, but it's easy enough that you can nail the teleport most times. I arrive beyond the exit door and hurry to get it opened.

03:07 My first targets are the Elites attacking the Marines. I kill the first and then hit the second, but I'm not sure if my second shot at him lands. If I didn't finish him though, the Marines did. Keeping my head down, I get a Jackal on the bridge too, and by now some of the nearby covies have focused on the Marines. I take the opportunity to snipe an Elite in the back, and I attack the red Elite too. I'm not totally sure what happens to him, but he's not seen him again. Maybe my second shot made him reel off the edge.

03:28 I move out now, initially with a quick frag towards the Hunter. My rocket kills a Jackal and shunts a blue Elite my way, at which point I melee him for good measure (that was my favourite bit in the battle). He survives a second whack, which surprises me, and I end up finishing him with another rocket. Wasteful, but it got the job done. I rocket the Hunter soon after.

03:48 Nice long-range frag here, taking out the Shade on the broken bridge. I get a sniper view of the explosion, after rocketing another Shade.

04:00 Arriving at the end of the bridge, I snipe a Grunt who was about to lob a plasma grenade. And after that, there are just a few of his buddies left to finish. Last one gets a sniper round through the head.

04:24 (Onto the bridge) This teleport is harder than the earlier two, in the sense that it's more likely to take multiple tries. It's not uncommon to arrive a short way off the bridge and fall into the chasm. But here I nail it and quickly wipe out the two Grunts and three Jackals - which is my favourite bit in the battle. Incidentally, I triggered the teleport aligned with the wing tip because it tends to give you an instant view of the Grunts, depending on where exactly you arrive.

04:58 Moving into cover behind a bridge stanchion, I snipe the two Elites near the arriving Marines. In fact I get the first guy before he's even alerted! I use up my other two rounds on a couple of Grunts, before moving out and wreaking havoc on some covies at the end of the bridge. As the Marines close in, I pause behind another stanchion and take the opportunity to snipe a distant Shade gunner.

05:22 I haven't recharged yet, but I advance anyway, rocketing the Shade on the left and then the retreating red Elite on the right. There are still two Hunters though, and they're bombarding the Marines. I rocket each one but they're both still alive. It's a bit of a mess but I chase after the first one to whack him, then get the other with another rocket.

05:46 Just a few Grunts left to mop up now, the highlight of which is that I get the distant Shade with a nice plasma throw.

Closing remarks With teleport-based attacks such as these, you could always set things up with a handy checkpoint so that each time you revert, you can quickly teleport again. You could even have a checkpoint at which point you're ready to do the actual teleport triggering. I didn't bother fussing about that here though. I preferred to have more lead-up footage involving the Marines, just for the sake of entertainment. It's just a 'fun' movie rather than a tutorial.

Another teleport destination I can reach with the same melee combo is the area on the left of the far platform, where there's a Shade. You can depart from a similar place to what I used in the second play here, but it's hard to nail. Most times I tried it for possible inclusion in the movie, I ended up falling. I suspect the Banshee angle needs to be relatively precise.