BCM347 - Mob battle with ten Marines, x6

(6:49) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Continuing with the ten Marine mob battle set-up created in the last movie, it's time to get deeper into the action. Here are six plays fought in various places, which should give you a better sense of the potential. Coming next: six solo plays.

Released April 18th 2019, gameplay recorded April 14th-15th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Opening bash) When I throw my first plasma at the Ghost, I thought I missed, which is why I then threw a second. But they both stick. Unfortunately there are a few Marine casualties, oops! There's another dodgy incident around 1:04 when I tag the red Elite. That Marine really should've backed off!

01:17 (Play 2 - Shade plateau perch) The Shade plateau makes a great perch from which to support the Marines. When I dismount, I start to pepper a blue Elite with pistol fire, but then I let him finish his run to the Ghost, and tag him as he boards. BLAM! It's fun to later find a horde of Grunts and Jackals in the niche area behind the plateau. Imagine what you could do with a rocket launcher!

02:33 (Play 3 - Sniping) Another fine perch, but this time I'm doing some sniping, and three times I kill Ghost pilots. There's a bit of a disaster when a Grunt throws a plasma grenade though. Johnson bought the farm there.

03:38 (Play 4 - 2-Ghost attack) In this play I get a 2-Ghost attack by briefly drawing Elites towards the other Ghost. I subsequently wreak some havoc with a rocket launcher. At 4:27 I was trying to rocket the red Elite fighting the Marines, but a Jackal got in the way and took it in the face. Nasty!

04:52 (Play 5 - In the shadow) We've got two Ghosts in play again, and I take the battle over to the left, in the shadow. When I tag the first Ghost, I was actually aiming for the other one but the Ghosts happened to cross. My second throw gets a pilot on the leg and he gets launched in spectacular fashion (it's also hilarious what happens to a Jackal). I try to shoot him in mid-air for fun, but miss.

05:41 (Play 6 - Covie sandwich) Now here's an interesting battle dynamic for you. After linking up with the Marines, I depart to start drawing the covies away and they end up getting sandwiched, with the Marines on one side and a cyborg on the other. And the lone Elite at the back is even kind enough to provide me with extra needles!

Closing remarks Battling with the support of ten Marines is rather easy on Heroic, it has to be said. I could've gone much harder on the covies and finished them faster, but I was taking it a bit easy on them to draw things out for the sake of entertainment. Later on, I need to see how things compare on Legendary. And I want at least two red Elites, rather than only one.

As you will have noticed, I truncated some of the battles by omitting the initial non-combat phase where I overturn the Ghost at the back and fly to the Marines. It would've got a bit repetitive to keep showing that, and the truncating allowed me fit more action into the movie of course. And I wanted to show a lot of battles because there are so many possibilities!

I've kept my battle commentaries brief and will probably retain that style in forthcoming mob battle movies, because blow-by-blow accounts take quite a while to write and I've got a whole lot of battling to show!