BCM348 - Mob battle solo with pistol & needler, x6

(6:32) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. More mob battles. Continuing with the same set-up as last time, I forego the help of my ten man squad and tackle the covies solo in various places, with pistol and needler. Gives me a bit more to get my teeth into!

Released April 20th 2019, gameplay recorded April 14th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Near the door) For openers I use a handy rock near the door for cover. Near the start I don't use it terribly well however, and get hit by a plasma ball. Nice Ghost destruction afterwards though! Around 0:45 a Grunt shouts "Get down!" and tries to nail me with a plasma, but I give him one back.

01:07 (Play 2 - Ice patch) I let the lone Elite at the back sit this battle out. A spot of fun on the ice patch. It's fun trying to bounce grenades along the ice to settle near enemies. Grunt tag around 1:46. At the end I run out of needles but take care of the last two Jackals by giving them each a plasma grenade. A nice ending I thought.

02:05 (Play 3 - Dropping in) I take a direct approach this time, basically just dropping in on the covies at their central location. A good little run-around. Highlight: around 2:30 I throw a late frag at an Elite and subsequently realize that it's going to detonate some loose plasmas. I back off, but the pilot of the arriving Ghost isn't so aware and gets caught in the explosion. Good comedy.

03:11 (Play 4 - Ghost spawn area) After a second go at overturning the Ghost for the back Elite, I defend near the Shade plateau. Some handy cover there; two rocks and a tree. I still manage to get hit by a plasma ball though. Around 4:13 I almost get myself killed when my plasma grenade nearly detonates a couple which were close to me. Careless!

04:33 (Play 5 - Ramp-like hill) Landing on the ramp-like slope, the covies head past into the depression, giving me some fine target practice. A fun dynamic to enjoy. Eventually I drop down into the depression and there's a satisfyingly explosive climax.

05:34 (Play 6 - Behind the Shade plateau) This area behind the Shade plateau provides a great bottleneck at which you can decimate the covie arrivals. i recorded a handful of explosive plays here but chose this one for the movie because of the comedy ending, in which the back Elite only arrives rather late - and rather dead. An amusing note on which to end the movie.

Closing remarks Just as when fighting with the help of Marines, there are loads of possibilities when fighting solo. I expect to show lots more solo play later, but these six examples will have to do for now. Coming next: back to the Marines, but this time I'll be on the offensive with vehicles!