BCM349 - Mob battle with ten Marines, vehicle support x6

(6:56) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Again using the same mob battle save, my Marines are back in the game but this time I'm dishing out the punishment with Ghost, Warthog and Banshee. Plenty of amusing incidents along the way, plus some nice views of the clashing forces!

Released April 22nd 2019, gameplay recorded April 14th-18th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Ghost) As I drive to the Marines you can see the enemy Ghost do a corkscrew off the flipped Wraith. That Ghost doesn't last long though. It was already weakened by the fuel rod blast I used to eject the original pilot. There's a good view of the Marines charging into the covies after that, and I orbit around picking off targets. At the end, Johnson announces the all clear and promptly gets killed by a plasma grenade which was still fizzing on the ground. Doh!

01:12 (Play 2 - Warthog) At the start here, I draw the mob away so the Marines will be able to get further up the field (I did something similar on the later hog play too). When I board the hog I try to quickly reverse away from the mass of Marines, but unfortunately one idiot is right behind. It can be quite a pain trying to drive off without splattering anyone. Amusing incident around 2:13. Hog gets tagged and does a flip but lands upright. Lost the side passenger though.

02:36 (Play 3 - Banshee) Some fine views of the mob fighting with the Marines here. Around 3:03 I fire the fuel rod cannon and it hits at almost the same time as a frag goes off, giving a combined blast which sends a Grunt and Jackal flying high. Nice!

03:36 (Play 4 - Ghost) This time with the Ghost I take a different approach, staying in amongst the Marines for a good while. A few amusing things happen. One Marine gets tagged, and near the end there's a Grunt who retreats behind the Banshee and throws a plasma, succeeding only in tagging the Banshee and blowing himself up.

04:33 (Play 5 - Warthog) I make a clean getaway on the hog this time, although it takes frustratingly long for someone to man the gun. The highlight is around 5:19 when I do a stunt off the flipped Wraith, getting a Grunt splattered in the process. I didn't know he was there, so that was a nice bonus. I think he'd got himself blocked.

05:36 (Play 6 - Banshee) For this second Banshee play I draw the fight over to the right of the battlefield, and initially do a bit of bombarding from up high - and a bit of watching. Just after I destroy the Ghost, there are two amusing incidents with the covies. A Grunt gets tagged by one of his buddies (actually I killed the would-be thrower and the grenade was fumbled), and then a raging Elite gets tagged on the back of his head by another Grunt. Both bangs take out multiple personnel. Of course, the battle also has a comedy ending. I deliver a 'victory' blast and get blown up in a chain reaction. Oops! Actually I could see that there were some loose plasmas there, and I was just playing for comedy. It provided a good ending for the movie.

Closing remarks Ok, by now I've shown twenty battles with that mob save, which should give you a fair idea of the mob battle's potential. I'm not done with the topic yet though. This was just the introductory phase of my planned coverage. So stay tuned for the next instalment!