BCM351 - Mob battle with five Marines, x6

(6:56) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Here are six plays of the mob battle set-up created in the last movie, featuring 17 covies. Let's see how my five-man squad shapes up!

Released May 2nd 2019, gameplay recorded April 28th - May 1st 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Base defence) The opening play is pretty straightforward. I arrange a two-Ghost attack (easier than with last set-up, thanks to moving the second Ghost to a more central location) and defend with my plasma rifle and AR - plus grenades of course. Quite a nice tag of the second Ghost. Those things aren't easy to hit, when they're not close. This play is actually a late replacement for the one I originally had in this opening slot. It had a bit more zing to it, and I liked the Grunt whack ending especially.

01:16 (Play 2 - Plateau support with launcher) As you can probably judge here, you can have some fabulous fun on the Shade plateau with a rocket launcher. I'm off to a good start by blowing up a Ghost right after it's boarded. Then I have fun decimating the mob. Later I hear a Marine yell "Somebody take that out!" so I fire a quick rocket. Unfortunately too fast to observe exactly where the caller was. Well he sounded urgent!

02:21 (Play 3 - Ghost) Having gone to the trouble of providing myself a Ghost, I figured I better include a play in which I use it. Alas, ultimately there's a chain reaction tragedy which wipes out my final two Marines, just as we're on the verge of victory.

03:33 (Play 4 - Base defence with launcher) There's only a 1-Ghost attack this time. The back Elite failed to board, which I didn't realize at the time. The main reason I included this play was for the turret bomb incident, which takes out an Elite, a Jackal, and (I think) a Grunt who was just about to lob a plasma. But of course, there's some enjoyable rocketing too.

04:22 (Play 5 - Needling) Some fun with a needler now. For this play I left the second Ghost overturned, so there are three Elites on foot. I like the bit where the red Elite gets taken out in a chain reaction. I saw that coming.

05:30 (Play 6 - Rockets & sniping) At the start here, I draw the covies back to let me slam a long-range rocket into them, and do a bit of sniping. The rocket hits a Jackal, killing 3 Jackals and 3 Grunts. Nice! Incidentally, although I overturned the second Ghost, it fails to get manned.

Closing remarks With the new set-up, it was noticeable how much harder it was to get the back Elite's Ghost to blow. In my ten Marine set-up, his Ghost had already taken a fuel rod blast from when I ejected the original pilot. This time it was undamaged, and a tag alone wasn't enough to make it blow.

I didn't use the AR much here, but it'll have a much better showing in the next movie when I go solo. I didn't man the Shade at all; it turned out to be too hazardous. It was useful for cover though (as well as the 'turret bomb' thing).