BCM353 - Mob battle, modifying a save

(6:23) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Using the mob battle save seen created in BCM350, this movie demonstrates how you can modify a save to obtain new set-ups, utilizing a checkpoint triggered near the end of the bridge. Very useful! Two examples are shown, along with some entertaining sample plays.

Released May 5th 2019, gameplay recorded May 2nd-3rd 2019.


00:02 (Modification example 1) After drawing the mob back a bit, I fly to my spares to get a pistol and needler. The spares were deliberately placed outside the Marine link-up area so I could make a change like this without the Marines following me. After drawing the mob back a second time to help keep them clear of the Marines, I fly up and trigger the bridge checkpoint, keeping it delayed (initially with Banshee fire), and I quickly kill the newcomers. I then get the back Elite aboard the nearby Ghost, and ascend to end the checkpoint delay, completing my modification.

02:07 (Sample play) In this sample play the highlights are (1) the spectacular destruction of the Ghost and (2) a big bang which finishes the Elites and sets the minor covies panicking.

03:17 (Modification example 2) This time I want a set-up for attacking at the back corner (with pistol and needler), from below the end of the ramp-like hill. It's a tricky checkpoint to get, because the mob might get too close too fast, preventing the checkpoint delay from ending. It can take multiple tries - and it did! Here you see me being successful though. I got the pistol and needler the same way as in example 1 by the way (no need for me to show that a second time).

04:14 (Sample plays) As you can see, with this set-up the combat starts fast, which is appealing. If you get into the mob battle, you definitely need to get a set-up like this sometime. These two plays will give you some idea of the carnage that can be wrought. Occasionally I throw grenades at the Jackals who are further back. Incidentally, there was also a corner battle in BCM352, but there I was using a plasma rifle and AR. I have a lot more fun with a needler. More bangs!

06:00 (Grunt danger) Watch out for Grunts coming through that door on the bridge. They can be quite handy with the plasma throws, as seen here! This was one of my failures when doing takes for the movie.

Closing remarks Ok that's eight movies on this topic now. We're getting through the basics pretty well. Still got more to cover though.