BCM354 - Grenade crazy Grunts

(6:32) Level 2 ('Halo') on Legendary. I've previously detailed grenade crazy Grunts in level 5, throwing plasmas non-stop, but recently I found that you can get one quite easily near the start of level 2. Check it out!

Released May 7th 2019, gameplay recorded April 23rd and May 5th-7th 2019.


00:02 (Setting up) This segment sketches out how you can set things up - and specifically how I set up for the long segment which follows. I make a bit of a mess out of killing the blue Elite, badly overheating my plasma rifle (obtained from the Banshee pilot) and mostly missing him, but he didn't capitalize on it.

01:08 (Main sequence) At the start of this grenading sequence you see me firing a shot as if to provoke the Grunt into starting up, but a shot isn't actually needed. Throwing starts very easily. In total I was playing around with his grenading for about seven minutes but I've edited it down to about three. Eventually I get spotted and tagged. Actually the Grunt's voice could be heard louder just before that, which should've alerted me to his positional change, but I didn't act on it.

04:14 (Getting behind him) At some point I wondered if I could sneak around behind a grenade crazy Grunt. Eventually I managed it with the aid of Banshee cover, which turned out to be fairly easy to arrange. This footage shows one such example.

05:23 (Shooty Grunt) Sometimes a Grunt's throwing can change (or degenerate) into non-stop shooting, such as seen here. Once again I get around behind and have some fun.

06:06 (Finale) Short comedy clip to end. Just me lobbing a few plasmas back. When my first one goes off, it detonates a loose one from when I killed a covie earlier, and that gives him an extra boost.

Closing remarks I figured I'd put this movie out as an interlude to the mob battle stuff, just in case anyone is getting mob battle fatigue. Besides which, I already had the main footage hanging around on my hard drive since April 23rd, and was getting a bit itchy to show it. The rest has been obtained in the last few days, since getting the last mob battle movie out.