BCM357 - Mob battle with ten Marines and a Wraith, x5

(6:50) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Having set things up as seen in the last movie, it's time for some battling. Ten Marines and a cyborg against seventeen covies, one of whom is in a Ghost and the other in a Wraith. Turned out to be an excellent set-up for explosive action. Watch out for the Ghost pilot tags especially!

Released May 15th 2019, gameplay recorded May 12th-13th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 -AR & Ghost) For this opening play I get busy with an AR, and quickly manage to tag the Ghost pilot which results in his spectacular launch. There's a small mistake around 0:38 when I throw a plasma grenade. That should've been a frag. The plasma is too slow to go off, and causes no damage. Incidentally, it's not until 0;53 that you hear "Welcome to the party sir". That's when I finally entered the link-up area. Before, I'd been off to the side. At the end, Stacker gets himself killed by the Wraith. Dang fool!

01:46 (Play 2 - Banshee) Some Banshee play next, featuring two nice Ghost kills. I think maybe I need to do a whole movie of Banshee play. It's great stuff. At the end I have some fun flipping the Wraith, which is very easily done when it turns to face the Marines.

03:03 (Play 3 - Sniper rifle) To set things up for sniping I initially drew the mob back a bit, which isn't shown. Not much though; I basically just flew low around the end of the ramp-like hill. After killing most of the mob and sniping the final Ghost pilot, I pick up a plasma pistol to tackle the Wraith, but just then a blast wipes half my health. In retaliation I launch a barrage of plasmas and score tags with all four. Nice job, if I do say so myself. My frag throw goes too long and bounces off instead of settling underneath - drat! - but never mind. A spot of plasma fire seals the deal.

04:21 (Play 4 - Plasma weapons) Not one but two Ghost pilot tags in this play. Spectacular launches, especially the red who you can see falling to earth in the distance as I'm tagging the blue (who took the bait, heh heh). The Grunts and Jackals are quickly eliminated, and then it's on to another Wraith destruction. This time it's finished with a plasma ball.

05:21 (Play 5 - Rocket launcher & pistol) Let's not forget the rocket launcher eh? I destroy the attacking Ghost rather nicely, deliberately going for a ground blast to its rear so it goes flying past me in entertaining fashion. Later on when tackling the Grunts and Jackals, there's a mishap when my frag sets off a loose plasma which takes out a Marine, who I hadn't seen. Still got a few bozos left though! The launcher makes short work of the Wraith.

Closing remarks This set-up turned out to be excellent, although the game was strained somewhat. On some frames blast related graphics fail to get rendered. For example, on the first Ghost pilot tag, it takes quite a few frames before a fireball is rendered. Also, there's flickering with the fuel rod blast around 2:31, and the frag blast around 6:05.

I only had space to squeeze in five plays here, but I may well do some more Wraith play soon.