BCM358 - Mob battle set-up, early Wraith flipping

(3:34) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Here's some new mob battle set-up advice for ejecting the Wraith pilot. Flipping the Wraith is a lot easier if you do it straight away instead of leaving it until after forming the mob. It does delay your triggering of the covie retreat from the Marines, but only slightly. Should be quite a help if you've been having trouble getting that pilot out!

Released May 19th 2019, gameplay recorded May 17th-18th 2019.


00:02 (Flipping late, in the old routine) This opening sequence shows me having some trouble getting the Wraith pilot out, using the routine featured in BCM346. At the start, the mob is just forming up and I draw it clear of the Wraith. After some failed attempts, only two of which are shown (my first and third), I eventually notice that a Wraith blast has killed a Jackal, scuppering my set-up entirely. Actually two Jackals got killed (notice that there are only three left, out of the original five). It happened when I got careless with my angle of approach, resulting in a low shot heading towards the mob.

As you may've spotted, I was also careless like that in the second clip, when considering making a quick follow-up attempt around 1:08. An Elite is caught in a blast and you can see his shield flickering.

Incidentally, right at the start of the movie you can see a Grunt diving to avoid getting splattered - which illustrates another danger the Wraith poses to roaming covies (though splattering stops being a danger once you've got the covies drawn away).

01:34 (Flipping it early) Now a demo of the new plan: flipping the Wraith first. My play here starts from the safety checkpoint seen in BCM356 around 0:51. As you approach the Wraith, it's on the ice and often static as seen here, which is ideal. But if you fail, you can just revert to the recent checkpoint.

02:33 Sometimes it's more lively, but you still have a good chance. I first show a failure here, but then a success where I nicely intercept it. Nice Pelican shadow on that second clip!

02:58 There's a danger of getting blasted as you approach, but on Heroic at least, it's quite rare for the Wraith to fire a nasty shot like that (Legendary may be another matter but I haven't checked yet). Usually you're ok, as shown in the final clip. Notice that I don't even bother taking a curved approach. I just get there as fast as I can.

Closing remarks Back around the time of making my first set-up tutorial BCM346, I did consider the idea of flipping the Wraith early, but if I recall correctly, I got blasted on my first try, and thought "Nope, this isn't gonna work". In retrospect that dismissal was hasty, because I now realize that the Wraith doesn't often fire a 'death shot' like that.

Although early Wraith flipping definitely seems the best option in terms of ease, I may still use late flipping sometimes though, for the sake of having the flipped Wraith out on the snow, in a more central position where it could play more of a part in battles and be easier to do hog stunts off. With early flipping, it's always going to be on the ice patch or thereabouts - unless you care to push it elsewhere, that is.